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André Luiz Galvim, Isabela Martins Oliveira, Tatiane Vieira Martins, Leonardo Moreira Vieira, Natália Caroline Cerri, Natália Oiring de Castro Cezar, Renata Valle Pedroso and Grace Angélica de Oliveira Gomes

sociodemographic information collection, including age group, sex, and schooling; socioeconomic information, including individual income; and information on health condition, including incidence of NCCD. The weight, height, and body mass index (BMI) of the participants were evaluated. Adhesion to the Program At

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Mark A. Tully, Ilona I. McMullan, Nicole E. Blackburn, Jason J. Wilson, Laura Coll-Planas, Manuela Deidda, Paolo Caserotti, Dietrich Rothenbacher and on behalf of the SITLESS group

/female), marital status (single, married, widowed, or divorced), living arrangements (alone, spouse/partner, son/daughter, other relative, other family, or nonrelatives), employment status (employed or unemployed), body mass index (BMI; underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese), and education (can read

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Laura K. Fewell, Riley Nickols, Amanda Schlitzer Tierney and Cheri A. Levinson

effectiveness of integrating exercise in treatment. Exercise has been shown to reinforce weight gain and increase body mass index (BMI) in inpatients with anorexia nervosa (AN) and supervised aerobic and strength training exercises have been shown to effectively reduce eating disorder symptoms ( Calogero

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Denise M. Jones, Harvi F. Hart, Kay M. Crossley, Ilana N. Ackerman and Joanne L. Kemp

(30 Hz), device position (waist), date of birth, sex, body mass, height, and race of the participant. Self-reported body mass and height data were collected and body mass index was calculated (reported in results). For the Fitbit™ devices participants’ demographic data (sex, date of birth, height, and

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Amber Watts, Mauricio Garnier-Villarreal and Paul Gardiner

was to compare patterns of sitting in a free living environment among older adults with and without early stage AD who were similar in physical limitations, body mass, and cardiorespiratory capacity. Our secondary aim was to examine the extent to which a non-postural monitor worn on the hip (Actigraph

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Alessandra Prioreschi and Lisa K. Micklesfield

adiposity in infants. 6 Furthermore, physical activity has been associated with favorable adiposity outcomes in infant populations, 8 yet there is limited data off which to draw conclusions, and surrogate measures of adiposity (such as body mass index, BMI) are frequently used. 6 , 8 There is clear

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Carla Elane Silva dos Santos, Sofia Wolker Manta, Guilherme Pereira Maximiano, Susana Cararo Confortin, Tânia Rosane Bertoldo Benedetti, Eleonora d’Orsi and Cassiano Ricardo Rech

of schooling). Body mass index (BMI), height, and body weight were used for the evaluation of nutritional status. 23 The BMI was calculated considering the cutoff points of the Food and Nutritional Surveillance System 24 (<22 kg/m 2 , low weight; ≥22 and <27 kg/m 2 , eutrophic; ≥27 kg/m 2 , excess

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Simone Ciaccioni, Laura Capranica, Roberta Forte, Helmi Chaabene, Caterina Pesce and Giancarlo Condello

dimensions of novice older judo practitioners (i.e., judoka). In particular, the anthropometrical assessment included the measurement of height, body mass, body mass index (BMI), and waist and hip circumferences ( Marfell-Jones, Stewart, & De Ridder, 2012 ). The evaluation of the physical functional

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Ross D. Neville, Fergal Lyons, Brendan Doyle and Kimberley D. Lakes

 al., 2010 ), reduced body mass ( Bryant, Duncan, & Birch, 2014 ), regulation of body composition ( Okely, Booth, & Chey, 2004 ), and weight status ( Duncan & Stanley, 2012 ), and even positive psychological constructs such as confidence and self-efficacy ( McGrane, Belton, Powell, & Issartel, 2017 ). Recent

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Helen M. Binkley and Lauren E. Rudd

: AE, aquatic exercise group; AEr, aquatic exercise with resistance group; BMD, bone mass density; BMI, body mass index; C, control group; c-BUA T-score, calcaneal broadband ultrasound attenuation—bone mineral content; C serum, cortisol levels; CT, calcitonin; GH, growth hormone; HDL, high