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Irfan A. Khan and Kelley Henderson

mentioned), TPT for 20 min (utilized on trigger points in the upper trapezius, sternocleidomastoid, and suboccipitalis muscles with no mention of the specific technique), and stretching and massage for 10 min (isometric relaxation after right and left cervical flexion, cross-friction and circular massage of

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Carl G. Mattacola, Carolina Quintana, Jed Crots, Kimberly I. Tumlin and Stephanie Bonin

energy-absorbing liner, and a retention system. The retention system keeps the helmet in position before and during an impact, while the outer shell distributes the force over a larger area, provides a low coefficient of friction, and reduces the ability of sharp objects to contact the head. The energy

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Carlos Balsalobre-Fernández, Hovannes Agopyan and Jean-Benoit Morin

, Belli A . A simple method for measurement of maximal downstroke power on friction-loaded cycle ergometer . J Biomech . 2004 ; 37 ( 1 ): 141 – 145 . PubMed doi: 10.1016/S0021-9290(03)00253-7 14672578 24. Girard O , Brocherie F , Morin JB , Millet GP . Intra- and inter

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Sitong Guo, Andrew C. Billings and James C. Abdallah

team that can provide the best chance to win a championship. LeBron James’s decision in 2010 and Kevin Durant’s in 2016 are two famous examples. This often causes friction with fans who still desire players to show loyalty to their original team. The unique relationship between LeBron James and

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Jon L. Weller

Nahanni Chief, becoming a standard for Alberta’s wilderness paddlers. 60 Vlchek’s boat had a shallow arched hull, which is a compromise between the two extremes of flat and round bottom varieties. Rounded bottoms allow for good speed, as they have little wetted surface area to create friction and can ride

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Shuaijie Wang, Yiru Wang, Yi-Chung (Clive) Pai, Edward Wang and Tanvi Bhatt

classification could further be divided into fall and nonfall outcomes, and the no-LOB could also be further divided into walkover and skate over outcomes. (B) The 7-m walkway with embedded low-friction movable platforms for inducing overground slips and overground walking. The movable platforms were firmly

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Toshimasa Yanai, Akifumi Matsuo, Akira Maeda, Hiroki Nakamoto, Mirai Mizutani, Hiroaki Kanehisa and Tetsuo Fukunaga

force at landing. As pitchers exhibit slight sliding or twisting of the stride foot upon landing even in practice and game situations, neither a highly frictional rigid surface that completely prevents the stride foot from moving nor a slippery surface that induces anticipatory changes in pitching

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Adam M. Fullenkamp, Danilo V. Tolusso, C. Matthew Laurent, Brian M. Campbell and Andrea E. Cripps

as products have been developed without a motor to reduce costs. Newer NMTs, however, have been designed with a low-friction belt and an altered belt surface contour in the hopes of providing a more valid gait experience. 4 , 5 Consequently, biomechanical assessments are warranted to evaluate the

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Paul F.J. Merkes, Paolo Menaspà and Chris R. Abbiss

aerodynamic drag; ρ is the air density; V g is the ground velocity of the participants in m·s −1 ; μ is a global coefficient of friction (ie, 0.006 for rough road 17 ); and F N is the normal force exerted by the bicycle tires on the rolling surface (essentially weight of the bicycle and participant

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Josep C. Benítez-Martínez, Pablo Martínez-Ramírez, Fermín Valera-Garrido, Jose Casaña-Granell and Francesc Medina-Mirapeix

corticosteroid injections in some cases for a short-term effect, 20 load training modification, 21 and other therapeutic modalities (therapeutic ultrasound, cryotherapy, transverse friction massage, bracing, or taping). 22 Nevertheless, an active debate still exists regarding changes in tendon abnormalities