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Michael Dao

yourself, or look after one another? An analysis of life skills in sport for development and peace HIV prevention curriculum . Sociology of Sport Journal, 31 ( 1 ), 287 – 303 . doi:10.1123/ssj.2013-0103 10.1123/ssj.2013-0103 Hasselgard , A. ( 2015 ). Norwegian sports aid: Exploring the Norwegian

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Meg G. Hancock, Alicia Cintron and Lindsey Darvin

defined by Lapchick ( 2017 ), professional administration positions are “. . . academic advisor counselor, compliance coordinator/officer, sports information director and assistant directors, strength coaches, life skills coordinators, and managers for business, equipment, fundraisers development

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Kristoffer Henriksen, Louise Kamuk Storm, Natalia Stambulova, Nicklas Pyrdol and Carsten Hvid Larsen

Targeted mental skills Goal setting, self-talk, visualization, stress management, pre-performance routines, and relaxation. Beyond mental skills A whole person approach with focus on family, school, peers, self-management and life skills. Education of coaches and parents Focus is limited to sport

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Carrie W. LeCrom and Tiesha Martin

education about the broader world ( Trunkos & Heere, 2017 ), teaching a critical life skill that can be applied at the micro level (cultural differences in one’s own community) or the macro level (cultural differences across the globe). Meir ( 2017 ) noted the importance of cultural understanding when

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William V. Massey and Meredith A. Whitley

developmental years, they may still be developing a sense of identity, a sense of purpose, and a better understanding of how they fit into their immediate ecosystem. Our research suggests that a singular sport identity and minimal life skill development and transfer put these athletes at risk for falling into

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Nicole D. Bolter, Lindsay Kipp and Tyler Johnson

to understand character development through sport ( Petitpas, Cornelius, Van Raalte, & Jones, 2005 ; Weiss et al., 2012 ). A key principle of the framework is that supportive and competent adults should provide opportunities for youth to learn life skills, such as sportsmanship behaviors, which are

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Brock McMullen, Hester L. Henderson, Donna Harp Ziegenfuss and Maria Newton

RISE. Student-athletes showed a strong desire for a personal relationship with their coaches, which is aligned with what successful coaches incorporate into their philosophies and practice by focusing on the whole person, life skill development, and relationships outside of the athletic setting

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Shirley Gray, Paul M. Wright, Richard Sievwright and Stuart Robertson

uncovering a number of positive student outcomes including improved behavior and attitudes ( Hellison & Martinek, 2006 ), as well as improved responsibility and life skills ( Metzler, 2017 ; Pozo, Grao-Cruces, & Perez-Ordas, 2016 ). However, researchers have also pointed out that we still know very little

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James Mandigo, Ken Lodewyk and Jay Tredway

/concepts, strategies, and living skills, and relevance to formal sports are provided. The activities within the PlaySport program were developed by Ontario Physical and Health Education Association to be integrated into a TGfU approach to foster understanding of movement skills, tactics, life skills, fitness, and the

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Rob J. Rotunda and Stuart Ryan

). A central goal of this beginning-level training program was to reinforce the values and tenets of honor, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, courage, and community and encourage the development of life skills particularly needed by younger adolescents. The program comprised 18 lessons