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Caroline Lisee, Tom Birchmeier, Arthur Yan, Brent Geers, Kaitlin O’Hagan, Callum Davis and Christopher Kuenze

assessments focus on bilateral landing tasks. 6 , 9 Although both single- and double-leg landings are important to consider, double-leg landing tasks often mask compensations that an individuals may use to protect or support the injured limb. Single-leg landing tasks demonstrate greater vGRF compared with

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Dan Goodley

). Black skins, white masks ( 3rd ed. ). London, UK : Pluto Press . Goodley , D. ( 2014 ). Dis/ability studies: Theorising disablism and ableism . London, UK : Routledge . 10.4324/9780203366974 Goodley , D. ( 2016 ). Disability studies: An interdisciplinary introduction ( 2nd ed. ). London, UK

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Casey Mace Firebaugh, Simon Moyes, Santosh Jatrana, Anna Rolleston and Ngaire Kerse

health among older people are limited by combining age and sex data of all ages over 65 years to increase the number of people and deaths in each group. Although such research has made a major contribution to literature, aggregating all ages over 65 years may mask significant differences or a possible

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Eric D.B. Goulet, Adrien De La Flore, Félix A. Savoie and Jonathan Gosselin

potential to mask blood doping practices, glycerol has been added to the World Anti-Doping Agency Prohibited List (in and out of competitions; Nelson et al., 2011 ). Administration of 1.0 g glycerol/kg BM 2.5 hr before exercise has been shown to result in urine concentration values well above the

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Mark Glaister, Colin Towey, Owen Jeffries, Daniel Muniz-Pumares, Paul Foley and Gillian McInnes

the torque factor utilized, the adoption of a pacing strategy masks any effect of caffeine on PPO and, as such, is likely to explain why previous research into the effects of caffeine on 30-second sprints has failed to find an effect. 3 – 8 Indeed, the adoption of subconscious pacing strategies in 30

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Jenny H. Conviser, Amanda Schlitzer Tierney and Riley Nickols

malnourished and engaging in unhealthy weight control practices. Athletic body types can elevate body mass index, one indicator of ED risk, and mask the outward appearance of poor nutrition. Eating disorders do not always immediately result in a decline in fitness and sport performance. Athletes may appear

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Damir Zubac, Drazen Cular and Uros Marusic

reliability of single urine sampling of T PC may remain skewed. This is rather noteworthy, as the presence of T PC could potentially mask actual fluid-deficit characterization via U SG . Indeed, Fernandez-Elias et al 9 showed that regardless of an overall high-positive correlation between U SG and U OSM

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Richard J. Boergers, Thomas G. Bowman, Nicole Sgherza, Marguerite Montjoy, Melanie Lu and Christopher W. O’Brien

( 1 ): 42 – 48 . PubMed ID: 24377964 doi:10.4085/1062-6050-48.6.11 10.4085/1062-6050-48.6.11 24377964 11. Swartz E , Mihalik J , Beltz N , Day M , Decoster L . Face mask removal is safer than helmet removal for emergent airway access in American football . Spine J . 2014 ; 14 : 996

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Hanan Khalil, Mahmoud A. Alomari, Omar Khabour, Aya Al-Hieshan and Jawad A. Bajwa

narrow range of these subscores which may mask (or subside) significant correlations artificially ( Atkinson & Nevill, 1998 ). Thus, future work using a comprehensive battery of cognitive tests that investigate thoroughly different cognitive domains is warranted. The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale

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Nili Steinberg, Roger Adams, Moshe Ayalon, Nadav Dotan, Shiri Bretter and Gordon Waddington

. Although both conditions eliminate visual feedback, in the WB AMEDA testing the participants could follow the natural anatomical posture and look straight forward. Different visual conditions during proprioceptive testing have the potential to mask clinically meaningful differences in proprioceptive acuity