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Fernando Segura Millan Trejo, Mark Norman and Chirstophe Jaccoud

, ethnic minorities, adults and children, people exposed to diseases, risks and class vulnerabilities ( Burnett, 2009 ). However, critical approaches towards the intentions behind SDP have brought sensitive and problematic issues to the forefront of the academic discussion, which we try to briefly review

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Phillip Chipman and Kevin B. Wamsley

Catholic religion […] We have a choice position in Confederation. In numbers, we form a minority, but we are a majority because of our years in the land. The Province of Quebec demands the right to live and to ensure its survival. 35 Duplessis’ message resonated throughout Quebec; he blamed the English for

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Hans C. Rasmussen

may have descended from antebellum German immigrant families. Twenty-two players with English surnames (e.g., Burthe, Harris, Thomas) appeared on team rosters, but they remained a clear minority. 38 Furthermore, almost all matches were played at City Park, at the time a long-neglected public space

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Jules Boykoff

minority owner (20%), we knew there would be wider interest outside of Portland. Our critical essays for national and international sources aimed to depict millionaires raiding the public coffers as uncouth, unethical, and unnecessary. After all the political smoke cleared, we actually won. At least sort

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Theresa Walton-Fisette

center: Ethnic minority women and mental health effects of sexual assault . Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, 10 ( 4 ), 330 – 357 . PubMed ID: 19578029 doi:10.1177/1524838009339755 10.1177/1524838009339755 Chalip , L. ( 1990 ). Rethinking the applied social sciences of sport: Observations on the emerging

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Maya Maor

and adolescent boys than by women. Therefore, martial arts are particularly well-suited for a consideration of changes to the embodied construction of masculinity. Female participants are still a minority, and do not have a dominant role in participation, organization or administration. However, their

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Dominic Malcolm

relatively positive, identifying elements of success in three domains: a) use of systematic data (e.g., in relation to stacking and quotas; monitoring the impact of Title IX; providing overviews of media representations of minorities; and in quantifying the impact of sports injuries); b) challenging the view

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Yoko Kanemasu

– 49 . doi: 10.1080/17430437.2016.1225898 Naidu , V. ( 2013 ). Fiji: The challenges and opportunities of diversity . London, UK : Minority Rights Group International . Narsey , W. ( 2014 , July 26 ). The facts on poverty and social justice . The Fiji Times . Retrieved from https

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Sarah Barnes

17 ). Black Americans don’t sleep as well as white Americans. That’s a problem . Vox . Retrieved from Rise Science . ( n.d. ). Sleep better do better . Retrieved from http

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Martin Roderick and Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson

most people would usually not follow-up with further interaction, although a minority would prolong the interactional encounter by asking for an autograph or requesting a photo: 90% of the time people don’t say anything anyway. They just turn to look . . . 10% of the time people come up and they