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Zachary R. Weber, Divya Srinivasan and Julie N. Côté

consideration with respect to the fatigue response. There are well-known differences between men and women in terms of anthropometrics, muscle size, and muscle fiber content ( Ditor & Hicks, 2000 ; Hicks, Kent-Braun, & Ditor, 2001 ; Hunter, Critchlow, & Enoka, 2004 ), and recent studies suggest differences in

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Sandra J. Shultz and Randy J. Schmitz

 al., 2016 ; Waugh, Blazevich, Fath, & Korff, 2012 ). If the ACL is most strongly associated with muscle size in maturing females, can we “train the ACL” to better withstand external loads through progressive resistance training? Resistance exercises used in current ACL-injury-prevention programs are

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Fatemeh Ehsani, Rozita Hedayati, Rasool Bagheri and Shapour Jaberzadeh

to the fact that they examined TrA muscle size after a short-term SE program consisting 12 sessions in 4 weeks. Moreover, they also evaluated TrA muscle dimension in supine position. Our study contained 18 sessions of SE in 6 weeks, and the muscle thickness changes were normalized relative to resting

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Annika Kruse, Christian Schranz, Martin Svehlik and Markus Tilp

. PubMed ID: 18173630 doi:10.1111/j.1469-8749.2007.02008.x 10.1111/j.1469-8749.2007.02008.x 18173630 26. Moreau NG , Falvo MJ , Damiano DL . Rapid force generation is impaired in cerebral palsy and is related to decreased muscle size and functional mobility . Gait Posture . 2012 ; 35 ( 1 ): 154

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Justen Hamilton

, these challenges come at a cost. For these women, their participation in combat sports leads to feelings of feminine insecurity due to their increased muscle size, strength, and fighting ability. One strategy for dealing with this is to find intimate partners whom they consider more masculine than them

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Mark A. Sutherlin, L. Colby Mangum, Shawn Russell, Susan Saliba, Jay Hertel and Joe M. Hart

.1177/0363546507301585 10.1177/0363546507301585 4. Hides JA , Stanton WR , Mendis MD , Franettovich Smith MM , Sexton MJ . Small multifidus muscle size predicts football injuries . Orthop J Spors Med . 2014 ; 2 ( 6 ): 2325967114537588 . 5. Mueller S , Stoll J , Mueller J , Cassel M , Mayer F

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Katie A. Conway, Randall G. Bissette and Jason R. Franz

Candidate mechanisms governing those changes include reduced muscle size and force-generating capacity and/or altered neural control of distal leg muscles—unfavorable changes that are certain to place functional limitations on the maximum walking speed. 7 It is less clear what governs push-off intensity or

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Dan M. Cooper

, Nussbaum E , Newcomb R , Cooper DM . Muscle size and cardiorespiratory response to exercise in cystic fibrosis . Am J Respir Crit Care Med . 2000 ; 162 ( 5 ): 1823 – 7 . PubMed ID: 11069820 doi:10.1164/ajrccm.162.5.2003057 10.1164/ajrccm.162.5.2003057 11069820 68. Mutlu EK , Mutlu C

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Adam D.G. Baxter-Jones

sport will affect a child’s statural growth. However, regular activity or training are important for the regulation of body mass—increasing muscle size and bone density and reducing fat accrual. Diet, nutrition, and socioeconomic resources are considered the prime environmental influences on growth

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Andrea S. Hartmann, Florian Steenbergen, Silja Vocks, Dirk Büsch and Manuel Waldorf

), exercise dependence, a focus on muscle size and symmetry, and pharmacology use. Internal consistencies of the subscales of the English-language version are good to excellent (.72 ≤ α ≤ .94). The MDI was translated into the German language in collaboration with one of the authors of the original version