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Wouter Schallig, Tim Veneman, Dionne A. Noordhof, José A. Rodríguez-Marroyo, John P. Porcari, Jos J. de Koning and Carl Foster

oxygen uptake (L/min) 4.7 ± 0.8 Maximal oxygen uptake (mL · kg −1  · min −1 ) 56.8 ± 11.1 Maximal heart rate (beats/min) 175.0 ± 15.4 Peak power output (W) 352.5 ± 53.3 Peak power output (W/kg) 4.3 ± 0.8 Experimental Design Each subject performed 6 trials over 6 visits. Trials were separated by at least

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Mathieu Lacome, Christopher Carling, Jean-Philippe Hager, Gerard Dine and Julien Piscione

the frequency of player involvements in tackles and game contact events. 10 Concomitant alterations in neuromuscular performance via measures of jump height and peak power output also occur following match play. West et al 11 reported that peak power output was reduced by ∼7% at 36 hours before

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Mark G.L. Sayers and Stephen Bishop

for the development of peak power output in professional rugby players . J Strength Cond Res. 2010 ; 24 ( 1 ), 43 – 47 . PubMed doi: 10.1519/JSC.0b013e3181c63c64 19935101 10.1519/JSC.0b013e3181c63c64 8. Jandacka D , Vaverka F . A regression model to determine load for maximum power output

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James Wright, Thomas Walker, Scott Burnet and Simon A. Jobson

2000; Lode) at 25 to 150 W (60 rpm) and 200 to 500 W (100 rpm). Statistical Analyses Data were exported from the Lode Excalibur Sport and P1 pedals with the mean power output for each submaximal intensity calculated. For the 10-second sprints, the peak power output from each system was exported for

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Garrett M. Hester, Zachary K. Pope, Mitchel A. Magrini, Ryan J. Colquhoun, Alejandra Barrera-Curiel, Carlos A. Estrada, Alex A. Olmos and Jason M. DeFreitas

.g., RFD), acceleration appears to be more dramatically decreased in older adults compared with PV ( Thompson et al., 2014 ; Wallace et al., 2016 ). Since peak power output typically occurs before PV is achieved, the ability to accelerate quickly to optimal velocity (i.e., velocity at which peak power occurs) is likely

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Trent Stellingwerff, James P. Morton and Louise M. Burke

significant reduction in ability to complete 1-km and 4-km sprints undertaken at ∼90% peak power output interspersed within the protocol ( Havemann et al., 2006 ). This reduction in power output matches the ∼30% reduction in PDH and estimated glycogenolysis during a 1-min sprint at 150% of peak power output

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Paul F.J. Merkes, Paolo Menaspà and Chris R. Abbiss

of the Velocomp PowerPod power meter were stored on the device itself at 1 Hz. Given the time delay required to calculate power output for the Velocomp PowerPod power meter, data were synchronized by starting each duration (ie, 5, 15, 30, 60, 240, and 600 s) at the peak power output reached during

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Martin J. Barwood, Joe Kupusarevic and Stuart Goodall

EF . The measurement of the surface area of man . Int Arch Med . 1915 ; 15 : 868 – 881 . doi:10.1001/archinte.1915.00070240077005 10.1001/archinte.1915.00070240077005 14. Bentley DJ , McNaughton LR , Thompson D , Vleck VE , Batterham AM . Peak power output, the lactate threshold

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Luana T. Rossato, Camila T.M. Fernandes, Públio F. Vieira, Flávia M.S. de Branco, Paula C. Nahas, Guilherme M. Puga and Erick P. de Oliveira

in peak power output after serial CHO mouth rinse (5 s, maltodextrin, 6%; mouth rinse realized 8 times) in 12 physically active males. Although Phillips et al 17 and Chong et al 15 (mentioned previously) used the same Wingate protocol (a single 30-s maximal sprint cycling effort), the number of

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Kajetan J. Słomka, Slobodan Jaric, Grzegorz Sobota, Ryszard Litkowycz, Tomasz Skowronek, Marian Rzepko and Grzegorz Juras

increase in jump height but also with a prominent decrease in the measured peak force and a somewhat less prominent decrease in the peak power output ( Mandic, Jakovljevic, & Jaric, 2015 ; Mandic et al., 2016 ). This finding was an apparent consequence of changed temporal patterns in all variables