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Adam J. Zemski, Shelley E. Keating, Elizabeth M. Broad, Damian J. Marsh, Karen Hind and Gary J. Slater

Bradley , W.J. , Cavanagh , B.P. , Douglas , W. , Donovan , T.F. , Morton , J.P. , & Close , G.L. ( 2015 ). Quantification of training load, energy intake, and physiological adaptations during a rugby preseason: A case study from an elite European rugby union squad . The Journal of Strength

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Paul A. Solberg, Will G. Hopkins, Gøran Paulsen and Thomas A. Haugen

; 29 ( 3 ): 348 – 359 . 30387185 28. Deschenes MR , Kraemer WJ . Performance and physiologic adaptations to resistance training . Am J Phys Med Rehabil . 2002 ; 81 : S3 – S16 . doi:10.1097/00002060-200211001-00003 12409807 10.1097/00002060-200211001-00003 29. Haugen T , Tønnessen E

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Øyvind Sandbakk, Guro Strøm Solli and Hans-Christer Holmberg

31. Lundgren KM , Karlsen T , Sandbakk O , James PE , Tjonna AE . Sport-specific physiological adaptations in highly trained endurance athletes . Med Sci Sports Exerc . 2015 ; 47 ( 10 ): 2150 – 2157 . PubMed doi:10.1249/MSS.0000000000000634 10.1249/MSS.0000000000000634 25668407 32

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Patrick P.J.M. Schoenmakers, Florentina J. Hettinga and Kate E. Reed

. PubMed ID: 23799827 doi:10.1123/ijspp.8.6.600 23799827 10.1123/ijspp.8.6.600 4. Gibala MJ , Little JP , MacDonald MJ , Hawley JA . Physiological adaptations to low-volume, high-intensity interval training in health and disease . J Physiol . 2012 ; 590 ( 5 ): 1077 – 1084 . PubMed ID

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David C. Nieman, Giuseppe Valacchi, Laurel M. Wentz, Francesca Ferrara, Alessandra Pecorelli, Brittany Woodby, Camila A. Sakaguchi and Andrew Simonson

physiological adaptations, and future research is needed to evaluate this, using appropriate training designs ( Bermon et al., 2017 ; Bloomer et al., 2005 ; Decroix et al., 2018 ; Morillas-Ruiz et al., 2006 ). The postexercise increase in the COX-2 transcription levels was not affected by flavonoid

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Clementine Grandou, Lee Wallace, Aaron J. Coutts, Lee Bell and Franco M. Impellizzeri

overtraining from those of normal fatigue that may result from high intensity and/or volume training sessions that are necessary to promote physiological adaptations. Although the decline in performance associated with overtraining appears to be accompanied by symptoms of generalized fatigue, the presence of

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Susan Sullivan Glenney, Derrick Paul Brockemer, Andy C. Ng, Michael A. Smolewski, Vladimir M. Smolgovskiy and Adam S. Lepley

American College of Cardiology Foundation) 2 – 4 recommend regular exercise for both the primary and secondary prevention of CVD. Further, exercise is claimed to help lower CVD risk in healthy populations without previous history of CVD. 5 Numerous acute and chronic physiological adaptations are brought

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Tom Clifford

; Tscholl, Vaso, Weber, & Dvorak, 2015 ), their effects on EIMD remain equivocal ( Lanier, 2003 ). In recent years, the more pertinent issue surrounding NSAID use has been the growing concern that they could actually mitigate or at least lessen some of the physiological adaptations evoked by training

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Cody J. O’Grady, Jordan L. Fox, Vincent J. Dalbo and Aaron T. Scanlan

The implementation of basketball-specific training strategies is essential to promote favorable physiological adaptations to optimize performance 1 and minimize the incidence of maladaptive training responses. 2 Consequently, basketball training is often periodized across seasonal phases of the

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Michael J. Ormsbee, Brandon D. Willingham, Tasha Marchant, Teresa L. Binkley, Bonny L. Specker and Matthew D. Vukovich

. doi:10.1007/s40279-014-0157-y 10.1007/s40279-014-0157-y Bell , G.J. , Petersen , S.R. , Wessel , J. , Bagnall , K. , & Quinney , H.A. ( 1991 ). Physiological adaptations to concurrent endurance training and low velocity resistance training . International Journal of Sports Medicine, 12