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José A. Santiago and James R. Morrow Jr.

preservice and inservice PE teachers. Given the responsibility of PETE programs to prepare preservice teachers with adequate levels of content knowledge and the limited amount of research in this area, the purpose of this study was to assess the CCK of HRF in a national representative sample of preservice PE

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Robin J. Dunn and Sarah A. Doolittle

were the main source of professional preparation for this alternative, values-based PE model. From these experiences, conference planners and teacher educators sought out workshops that were more extensive for both in-service teachers and preservice teachers, conducted by Don, or by protégés or

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K. Andrew R. Richards, Karen Lux Gaudreault and Amelia Mays Woods

and less valued than that of others in the school environment ( Carson, Richards, Hemphill, & Templin, 2016 ). This can contribute to washout, whereby teachers neglect the practices taught during preservice teacher education and adjust to the custodial norms of their schools ( Curtner-Smith, Hastie

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Kelsey McEntyre, Matthew D. Curtner-Smith and Deborah S. Baxter

unit by preservice teachers who employed indirect teaching styles were encouraged to initiate a good deal of positive negotiation with the goal of making the tasks more interesting and demanding ( Wahl-Alexander & Curtner-Smith, 2014 ). Furthermore, within middle school sport education seasons

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Phillip Ward, Yaohui He, Xiaozan Wang and Weidong Li

the pre-tests. The low SCK scores provided evidence to support the SCK acquisition hypothesis that the experiences obtained in school-based physical education, and extracurricular sports do not contribute substantively to SCK ( Ward et al., in press ). It is generally accepted that preservice teacher

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Jenna R. Starck, K. Andrew R. Richards, Michael A. Lawson and Oleg A. Sinelnikov

preservice teachers. Although there has been important growth on improvements of assessment practices in physical education ( López-Pastor et al., 2013 ), there is still a need for professional development programs aimed at increasing in-service teachers’ access to quality assessment practices so as to

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K. Andrew R. Richards, Karen Lux Gaudreault, Kelly L. Simonton and Angela Simonton

socialization rather than adapt beliefs in accordance with the program (e.g.,  Stran & Curtner-Smith, 2009 ). Evidence indicates PETE programs are most successful in helping preservice teachers question their subjective theories when they include a shared technical culture ( Curtner-Smith et al., 2008

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Katie Dray and Kristy Howells

their effects: An explorative study . Teaching and Teacher Education, 22 ( 8 ), 1084 – 1093 . doi:10.1016/j.tate.2006.07.002 10.1016/j.tate.2006.07.002 Gatlin , L. , & Jacob , S. ( 2002 ). Standards-based digital portfolios: A component of authentic assessment for preservice teachers . Action

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Chunxiao Li, Lijuan Wang, Martin E. Block, Raymond K.W. Sum and Yandan Wu

other populations such as preservice teachers in China. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to examine the psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the PESEISD-A. As there are different types of reliability and validity (see Messick, 1995 ), the current research focuses on examining the

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K. Andrew R. Richards and Kim C. Graber

that promotes belonging and provides students with opportunities to express themselves and contributes to the generation of knowledge, PETE programs may be able to lead preservice teachers to question and reformulate their initial subjective theories of physical education. From a socialization