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Maya Maor

role in the military) and sports as a more traditional route for hegemonic masculinity in other Western contexts. Methodology This study combines two qualitative methods: 20 semi-structured interviews with adult men and women who practice and teach diverse types of martial arts in Israel (that reflect

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Eva A. Jaarsma, Damian Haslett and Brett Smith

all qualitative research in a predetermined manner ( Tracy, 2010 ). However, this universal approach to judging rigor is problematized by differing qualitative methods and methodologies that are underpinned by differing metaphysical assumptions ( Smith & McGannon, 2018 ; Williams, Smith

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George B. Cunningham, Na Young Ahn, Arden J. Anderson and Marlene A. Dixon

assessing macro-level factors with quantitative approaches; (b) scholars using qualitative methods being better able to uncover the intricacies and nuances of macro-level influences; (c) the higher likelihood of qualitative researchers drawing from sociological theories—frameworks well-positioned to address

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Nicole T. Gabana, Aaron D’Addario, Matteo Luzzeri, Stinne Soendergaard and Y. Joel Wong

be more collectivistic, may value and practice gratitude more than a Western culture, which emphasizes individualism ( Kee, Tsai, & Chen, 2008 ). Lastly, qualitative methods exploring the depth and breadth of an athlete’s religious and spiritual identity, especially related to their culture, faith

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Kelsey McEntyre, Matthew D. Curtner-Smith and K. Andrew R. Richards

the lessons verified that the lesson plans were put into action. Data Collection Seven qualitative methods were used by the author (McEntyre) to collect data. Nonparticipant observation involved McEntyre watching lessons and taking copious field notes on PT–student negotiations and the context

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Camilla J. Knight

, Keskivaara, & Punamäki, 2005 ; Sapieja, Dunn, & Holt, 2011 ) to identify the relationship between different parenting styles and certain outcomes (e.g., sport satisfaction, perfectionism) or qualitative methods to examine the parenting practices associated with different styles ( Holt, Tamminen, Black

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Fernando Santos, Leisha Strachan, Daniel Gould, Paulo Pereira and Cláudia Machado

coding and theme development . International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 5 ( 1 ), 80 – 92 . doi:10.1177/160940690600500107 10.1177/160940690600500107 Fransen , K. , Decroos , S. , Broek , G. , & Boen , F. ( 2016 ). Leading from the top or leading from within? A comparison between coaches

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Tammy Sheehy, Sam Zizzi, Kristen Dieffenbach and Lee-Ann Sharp

-checked by the lead researcher to ensure accuracy. A research team consisting of the lead researcher and two research assistants trained in qualitative methods were involved in the analysis process. Braun and Clark’s ( 2006 ) step-by-step process for thematic analysis was followed using an inductive approach

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Orland Hoeber, Ryan Snelgrove, Larena Hoeber and Laura Wood

motivation that many researchers have for sampling the data is embedded within the qualitative methods used to analyze the data, such as thematic analysis, content analysis, and deconstruction. Such processes are time consuming and cognitively taxing, necessitating the use of approaches to reduce the dataset

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Stewart Cotterill, Richard Cheetham and Katrien Fransen

. ( 2012 ). Qualitative methods in sport: A concise overview for guiding social scientific sport research . Asia Pacific Journal of Sport and Social Science, 1 ( 1 ), 60 – 73 . doi:10.1080/21640599.2012.701373 10.1080/21640599.2012.701373 Smith , J.A. ( 1996 ). Beyond the divide between cognition