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Christina E. Miyawaki, Rebecca L. Mauldin and Carolyn R. Carman

, E.P. , Lichtenstein , E. , Mullooly , J.P. , Velicer , W.F. , & Redding , C.A. ( 2005 ). Teen reach: Outcomes from a randomized, controlled trial of a tobacco reduction program for teens seen in primary medical care . Pediatrics, 115 ( 4 ), 981 – 989 . PubMed ID: 15805374 doi:10

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Konstantina Katsoulis, Liza Stathokostas and Catherine E. Amara

% ( Bottaro et al., 2007 ). Driving simulation In HI, movement and reaction time from the “gas” to the “break” (when a red light was presented) were simulated ( Webber & Porter, 2010 ) and changed nonsignificantly by 8% and 2%. In LO, a driving simulator was used ( Sayers & Gibson, 2012 ) to test two

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Mohammed M. Althomali and Susan J. Leat

were allowed to view through either the distance or near portion of the lens. The Worth 4 dot test of suppression ( Roper-Hall, 2004 ; Worth, 1915 ) was conducted at two distances; 33 cm and 4 m. The participant was asked to wear a pair of glasses with a red filter over the right eye and a green

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Dinesh John, Qu Tang, Fahd Albinali and Stephen Intille

testing (5 Hz); (d) running at 8.95 km/h (5.5 mph-ankle, 80 Hz sampling rate); (e) running at 12.1 km/h (7.5 mph-wrist, 40 Hz sampling rate); (f) and jumping jacks (wrist, 100 Hz sampling rate). In C–F, red, blue, and grey lines indicate the cut-off ±2 g signal, the extrapolated signal, and a ground

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included multiple disabilities ( n  = 106). Various aquatic programs have been examined: aquatic exercise ( n  = 12), swimming skills/safety (learn-to-swim, n  = 10), aquatic therapies ( n  = 7), water play ( n  = 3), and swim training (competitive swim, n  = 3). The Red-Cross Water Safety Instructor

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Bastian Popp, Chris Horbel and Claas Christian Germelmann

-sponsor-brand communities studied in this research (see Table  1 ) are relatively small compared with the number of followers of the official Facebook brand pages of the sponsors and clubs (RB Leipzig, 365,310 likes, 363,099 followers; Red Bull, 49,001,369 likes, 47,835,239 followers; SV Werder Bremen, 1,000,032 likes, 988

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Allegiance Daniel C. Funk * Jeffrey D. James * 4 2006 20 2 189 217 10.1123/jsm.20.2.189 Getting Past the Red Tees: Constraints Women Face in Golf and Strategies to Help Them Stay Lee Phillip McGinnis * James W. Gentry * 4 2006 20 2 218 247 10.1123/jsm.20.2.218 Forecasting the Long-Term Viability of

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Jenny H. Conviser, Amanda Schlitzer Tierney and Riley Nickols

(DEBs) influence energy availability and increase the risk of a health syndrome known as “Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport” or “RED-S” ( Mountjoy et al., 2017 ). RED-S occurs when energy expenditure exceeds energy intake, creating an energy deficiency and a resulting compromise in health systems

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Ryan Rodenberg

of Investigation (FBI). Dominguez is critical of executives at MLB headquarters throughout the book. Here is how he summarizes a sports-betting investigation he spearheaded: Allegations began surfacing that a member of [Boston] Red Sox slugger David Ortiz’s entourage was suspected of being involved