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Susana Carrapatoso, Greet Cardon, Delfien Van Dyck, Joana Carvalho and Freja Gheysen

social support is associated with greater quality of life in older adults ( Garcia, Banegas, Perez-Regadera, Cabrera, & Rodriguez-Artalejo, 2005 ). Phongsavan et al. ( 2013 ) found a consistent relationship between increased frequency in phone contacts, social visits, and social group contacts and

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Rob J.H. van Bree, Catherine Bolman, Aart N. Mudde, Maartje M. van Stralen, Denise A. Peels, Hein de Vries and Lilian Lechner

such effective interventions relies on insight into the determinants of PA and their working mechanisms. In order to contribute to this insight the current studies examine whether habit mediates the relationship between prior and later PA and whether PA simultaneously mediates the relationship between

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Stephen Samendinger, Christopher R. Hill, Teri J. Hepler and Deborah L. Feltz

relationship with physical activity behavior. 6 , 7 In light of the health benefits of moderate–vigorous physical activity and the confounding significant levels of insufficient moderate–vigorous physical activity, continued applied research focused on psychosocial motivation factors influencing physical

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Chris Wagstaff, Rebecca Hings, Rebecca Larner and David Fletcher

was related to dimensions of burnout. The second aim was to establish whether psychological-resilience qualities moderated the relationship between the frequency of organizational stressors and burnout. Much of the extant research on organizational stress in sport has been conceptually aligned with

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Caroline Lisee, Tom Birchmeier, Arthur Yan, Brent Geers, Kaitlin O’Hagan, Callum Davis and Christopher Kuenze

the relationship between audio characteristics and vGRFs remains consistent across other tasks that have been implicated in ACL injury risk such as single-leg landing. 17 , 18 Single-leg landings have been identified as a common mechanism of ACL injury, 19 but many prospective injury prevention

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Richard Larouche, Emily F. Mire, Kevin Belanger, Tiago V. Barreira, Jean-Philippe Chaput, Mikael Fogelholm, Gang Hu, Estelle V. Lambert, Carol Maher, José Maia, Tim Olds, Vincent Onywera, Olga L. Sarmiento, Martyn Standage, Catrine Tudor-Locke, Peter T. Katzmarzyk, Mark S. Tremblay and For the ISCOLE Research Group

relationship problems ( 26 ). Furthermore, exposure to natural environments could augment the benefits of PA for mental health ( 36 ). However, previous studies examining the relationship between outdoor time and adiposity have obtained conflicting findings ( 1 , 9 , 26 , 35 , 38 ). To our knowledge, all

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Arne Jaspers, Tim Op De Beéck, Michel S. Brink, Wouter G.P. Frencken, Filip Staes, Jesse J. Davis and Werner F. Helsen

fitness), similar external loads can result in different internal loads for players. Insights into the relationship between the external and internal load can improve load management and help to optimize physical fitness and support injury prevention. 5 To date, several studies about team sports have

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Richelle M. Williams, R. Curtis Bay and Tamara C. Valovich McLeod

relationship between symptomatology and days postconcussion. Methods Participants Data from a convenience sample of 437 adolescent athletes from Arizona with a medically-diagnosed concussion (326 males, 111 females; age 16.0 ± 1.2; grade level = 10.1 ± 1.0) were reviewed. Participants were interscholastic

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K. Andrew R. Richards, Wesley J. Wilson, Steven K. Holland and Justin A. Haegele

work with physical educators who are unsupportive and may unknowingly employ exclusionary teaching practices ( Haegele & Zhu, 2017 ). Thus, the purpose of this study was to extend the research on the socialization of PE teachers by examining the relationships among perceived organizational support (POS

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Gislaine S. Kogure, Cristiana L. Miranda-Furtado, Daiana C.C. Pedroso, Victor B. Ribeiro, Matheus C. Eiras, Rafael C. Silva, Lisandra C. Caetano, Rui A. Ferriani, Rodrigo T. Calado and Rosana M. dos Reis

those with PCOS. 21 Considering that IR has been implicated in the etiology of PCOS, 24 mobilization of abdominal fat would be important for women with PCOS. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the impact of PRT on obesity indices in women with PCOS and to assess the relationship