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Elizabeth A. Taylor, Allison B. Smith, Cheryl R. Rode and Robin Hardin

appearance. Comments in regard to her attractiveness, her clothing, and a desire for a sexual relationship appear in the comments. Dr. Angela Wilcox begins a discussion in her Foundations of Sport Management course in regard to the National Football League (NFL) Combine. Several male students are surprised

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Allison Manwell, James Johnson and Khirey Walker

and Michael focused most of his attention on recruits. However, Michael and John still had a strong relationship built during the recruiting process, which is why the head coach trusted Michael to approach John about the issue. After getting dressed, John headed to Michael’s office. “Come on in, John

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Emily Sparvero, Randall Griffiths and Jacob Tingle

the successful idea that the packages could be auctioned during the week before the game. Zane held the whole operation together including the original staff, the new hires, as well as managing the relationship with the Mavericks. The original friends viewed Zane as the center of the organization and

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Jamee A. Pelcher and Brian P. McCullough

respectable because they realize the importance of enhancing their relationships with these stakeholders in regards to environmental sustainability ( Babiak & Trendafilova, 2011 ). As a sport organization moves forward in its quest to implement sustainable practices, identifying the key stakeholders (internal

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Gashaw Abeza, Norm O’Reilly, Kyle Kashuck, Joshua Law and Alexandra Speck

other group setting) and watching it on TV or streaming. For each initiative, please describe your creative mechanisms, and develop a plan that would aid ASU in trying to build a better relationship with fans and ultimately help to increase annual football attendance. 4. Do the ticket pricing models

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Emily Dane-Staples

’ experience What did you do . . . ? What happened when you . . . ? What happened next . . . ? How did you feel when . . . ? Relationships Questions that engage students in comparing ideas, activities, data, etc. How does this compare to . . . ? What else does this relate to . . . ? What do all these

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Lynley Ingerson and Michael L. Naraine

the adoption of an internship program. CA was proud of its relationship with a local university which delivers a highly respected, globally ranked sport management program. Part of the joint relationship was to create intern positions for first-year sport management postgraduate students. Many of the

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Jules Woolf and Jess C. Dixon

, entertainment, and client services) was used to support the candidate—marketing being directly aligned with the job title, entertainment as being aligned with promotion and fan engagement, and client services as beneficial for building relationships. Most peculiar was the selective use of neutral information as

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Joshua R. Pate and Alyssa T. Bosley

educators to understand the desires of professionals in the industry so that classroom planning and content can best prepare students to enter the field with appropriate qualifications. References Abeza , G. , O’Reilly , N. , & Seguin , B. ( 2019 ). Social media in relationship marketing: The

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Gashaw Abeza, Mads Quist Boesen, Norm O’Reilly and Jessica R. Braunstein-Minkove

morality and (2) increases in revenue distributions to member nations ( Panja, 2018 ). At the meeting, a common understanding was reached among the advisory board members regarding the contextual background of Qatar’s and FIFA’s working relationship. Four key points were discussed in the first half of the