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Arturo Leyva

negative media coverage but also to the reduced wages. 56 Comiskey did not negotiate, despite players continuously approaching him to discuss salary adjustments. The strained labor-management relations inside the White Sox team are important to note because it is believed that first baseman Chick Gandil

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Sarah Stokowski, Bo Li, Benjamin D. Goss, Shelby Hutchens and Megan Turk

General Scale” (p. ix). It indicated that gender, type of institution (e.g., public, private), rank (e.g., assistant, associate), college (e.g., business, education), age, teaching experience, and salary level all impacted job satisfaction ( Hall, 2003 ). Hall, Jackson, and Quarterman ( 2011 ) extended

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Meredith Rocchi and Luc G. Pelletier

et al. ( 2004 ) examined this same phenomenon for professional coaches who do receive a salary and discovered that these coaches also experienced inadequate compensation for their efforts and had few opportunities for salary increases. (b)  Technology : Advances in sport sciences and technology have

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Jenessa Banwell, Gretchen Kerr and Ashley Stirling

productivity and performance, increases in salary, increases in the likelihood of receiving a promotion, decreases in employee turnover, and increases in overall commitment to one’s organization ( Cho et al., 2011 ; Jackson et al., 2003 ; Soklaridis et al., 2014 ). In addition to career benefits, mentees

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K. Andrew R. Richards and Thomas J. Templin

ease of entry and overall monetary and personal compensation (e.g., salary, benefits, working conditions, career satisfaction). Generally, evidence suggests that teaching has been viewed as an attractive career for White females ( Guarino et al., 2006 ), although minority student recruitment has

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Jared A. Russell, Sheri Brock and Mary E. Rudisill

groups (e.g., judging applicants with diverse backgrounds as not qualified or not a good fit during the hiring process, offering lower salaries and start-up packages, devaluing scholarly contributions in the areas of diversity and inclusion). An effective and equitable decision-making process is

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Xavier Ramon, Andrew C. Billings and José Luis Rojas-Torrijos

: There’s been an attempt to say they’re losing customers because of their liberal bent, which is silly. They are losing customers for very practical financial reasons. And I think they’re going to have to find a way to stem that. At the moment all they can think about is cutting staff and salaries. But I

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Richard Latzel, Olaf Hoos, Sebastian Stier, Sebastian Kaufmann, Volker Fresz, Dominik Reim and Ralph Beneke

ability to aerobically rephosphorylate high-energy phosphates during short breaks. Acknowledgments None of the authors received funding for this work from any organization, other than salary support for the authors from their respective institutions. The results of the present study do not constitute

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Fabiana Medeiros de Almeida Silva and Aldemir Smith Menezes

.7–33.6) 1283 From 1 to 2 MS 38.9 (37.4–40.4) 1554 Above 2 MS 26.8 (25.4–28.2) 1068 Unknown 2.2 (1.7–2.7) 87 Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; ES, elementary school; HS, high school; MS, minimum salary. The prevalence of sedentary behavior was 46.7% (95% CI, 45.2–48.2)—42.5% (95% CI, 41.0–44.0) in males

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Andrew Hammond, Ruth Jeanes, Dawn Penney and Deana Leahy

-dating Australian Federation in 1901 and reflecting a strong colonial tradition of gambling on swimming races ( Phillips, 2000 , 2008 ). In contemporary times, the ‘swimming coaching industry’ in Australia has established performance measures as a means of justifying coaching salaries and fees ( Zehntner, 2016