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Breanna E. Studenka and Kodey Myers

) peers do ( Baron-Cohen, 2001 ; Phillips, Baron-Cohen, & Rutter, 1998 ), leading to deficits in social interaction and communication. One explanation for this difficulty has been that children with ASD have an underdeveloped theory of mind, defined as the ability to understand the perspectives of

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Haichun Sun and Tan Zhang

. Social constructivists argue that a learning environment with positive social interaction can facilitate students’ knowledge construction. According to social constructivism, learning relies heavily on social interactions and cultural influences. Yet, knowledge cannot exist without individuals

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Samantha J.D. Jeske, Lawrence R. Brawley and Kelly P. Arbour-Nicitopoulos

four planned, discussion-based sessions via videoconference and encourage participant engagement and social interactions during and following the sessions. The facilitator guided the groups through collaborative discussion-based activities to enhance a sense of group interaction and cohesion. As the

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Anna Gerke and Yan Dalla Pria

( 2008 ) argues that a localized system of interconnected companies, specialized suppliers, firms in related industries, and associated institutions is more competitive than any of these organizations standing alone. Toward a better acknowledgment of social interactions in clusters Interest in the social

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Henry Wear and Bob Heere

inaugural season. As an organization, the new team promoted their home games as a place for social interaction and camaraderie among fans. Perceptions of shared group experience continued to grow after the inaugural season’s conclusion and in fact grew at a rate greater than that of stadium. The importance

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Brendan Dwyer, Joshua M. Lupinek and Rebecca M. Achen

participation, in particular, fantasy football participation (see Table  1 ). Farquhar and Meeds ( 2007 ) reported the following set of participant motives: surveillance, arousal, entertainment, escape, and social interaction. Dwyer and Kim ( 2011 ) uncovered similar motives (social interaction, entertainment

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Pamela K. Samra, Amanda L. Rebar, Lynne Parkinson, Jannique G.Z. van Uffelen, Stephanie Schoeppe, Deborah Power, Anthony Schneiders, Corneel Vandelanotte and Stephanie Alley

fact that I had movability on my side” (female, 75). A small number of participants mentioned social interaction as a benefit of physical activity: “I need social interaction . . . when we retire and are on our own we need still that social activity” (female, 73). Other benefits mentioned by a small

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Jing Liao, Sanmei Chen, Sha Chen and Yung-Jen Yang

entailing frequent social interactions with a wide social network other than family members, this study contributes to the literature by providing direct evidence on the importance of social relationships with friends for PA maintenance ( Scarapicchia et al., 2017 ; Smith et al., 2017 ) in a developing

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Florian Herbolsheimer, Stephanie Mosler, Richard Peter and the ActiFE Ulm Study Group

among community-dwelling older adults. The authors’ findings suggested combining physical activity interventions with social interaction. That combination might have an impact on social isolation greater than focusing on social activities alone. The importance of physical activity locations suggests a

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Brad J. Stenner, Amber D. Mosewich and Jonathan D. Buckley

physical fitness than men, whereas factors related to social interaction were more important for men. On the other hand, Henderson et al. ( 2012 ) and Kolt et al. ( 2004 ) found that the aspects of social involvement and health were more important to women. Therefore, competition, performance, fitness