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Mallory Mann and Vikki Krane

prominent higher-order themes, describing the sport contexts, emerged: inclusive team climates and team climates in transition. Within each theme, we present corresponding intact stories as well as open-coded data segments. This combined approach allowed us to present what we hope is an insightful

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Leonardo Ruiz, Judy L. Van Raalte, Thaddeus France and Al Petitpas

; Zirin, 2005 ). It has been suggested that the academy system leaves players unprepared in terms of the life skills and resources needed to transition to productive, socially healthy lives after sport ( Danish, Petitpas, & Hale, 1993 ; Schlossberg, 1981 ; Taylor & Olgivie, 1994 ). Theoretical and

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Paul A. Sellars, Stephen D. Mellalieu and Camilla J. Knight

investigating sport participation from a holistic life-span perspective, central to which are transitions (cf. Alfermann & Stambulova, 2007 ; Debois, Ledon, & Wylleman, 2015 ; Stambulova, 2012 ). Transitions are continuous processes whereby individuals use effective coping to overcome a set of specific

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Chee-Hoi Leong, Steven J. Elmer and James C. Martin

within the pedaling cycle. With proper orientation of noncircular chainrings, variable crank angular velocity could increase time spent in the leg extension and flexion phases, where joint-action powers are high, and reduce time spent in the transition phases, where power is low 6 , 12 – 14 thereby

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Andrew Evans, Robert Morris, Jamie Barker, Tom Johnson, Zoe Brenan and Ben Warner

prospect athletes face of either being released from an organization or being awarded a senior professional contract. Moving from youth to senior sport represents the youth-to-senior transition, which is considered the most difficult change athletes face during their career ( Stambulova, Alfermann, Statler

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Gretchen Kerr, Erin Willson and Ashley Stirling

, but after being removed from the sport environment, these same behaviors were relabeled as abusive and harmful. Moreover, harmful coaching behaviors impacted athletes during the retirement process. Athletes who experienced emotional harm reported increased difficulties in their transition because they

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Anne Holding, Jo-Annie Fortin, Joëlle Carpentier, Nora Hope and Richard Koestner

retirement, whereas athletes retiring for controlled reasons are likely to encounter difficulties distancing themselves from their athletic career and adjust poorly to retirement. While career termination is a normative and inevitable transition for athletes, it can be met with mixed adjustment outcomes such

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Wai-Ting Lo, Kit-Lun Yick, Newman Lau, Lok-Tung Tse, Sun-Pui Ng and Joanne Yip

center of gravity can greatly alter balance during different postural transition phases and the reason why STS requires good coordination of muscle activity to achieve postural stability. With age-related reductions in the physical mobility of older adults, decreased motor control ability exerts greater

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Greg Doncaster, John Iga and Viswanath Unnithan

, each participant completed a series of exercise transitions to a higher intensity on the motorized treadmill. Each series consisted of 3-minute unloaded (standing), 4-minute running at an intensity equivalent to 95% GET (moderate intensity), and a run to exhaustion at an intensity equivalent to 60%Δ

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Valérian Cece, Noémie Lienhart, Virginie Nicaise, Emma Guillet-Descas and Guillaume Martinent

one another ( Meyer & Morin, 2016 ). Indeed, instead of a variable-centered approach, a person-centered design such as a latent profile transition analysis (LPTA) approach could provide a complex combination of several motivation dimensions. Results of such an approach could identify unobserved