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Paul R. Ashbrook, Andrew Gillham and Douglas Barba

). Reflections on sportpsych consulting with individual and team sport athletes at summer and winter Olympic Games . The Sport Psychologist, 3 , 358 – 365 . doi:10.1123/tsp.3.4.358 10.1123/tsp.3.4.358 Pain , M.A. , Harwood , C. , & Anderson , R. ( 2011 ). Pre-competition imagery and music: The impact

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Courtney W. Hess, Stacy L. Gnacinski and Barbara B. Meyer

among youth ( Richardson et al., 2014 ) and increased functional independence after a traumatic brain injury among adults ( Körner, 2010 ). In the sport domain, sports-medicine practitioners from the United Kingdom reported their practice approach for working with athletes during the 2012 Summer Olympic

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Lea-Cathrin Dohme, David Piggott, Susan Backhouse and Gareth Morgan

. , & Maynard , I. ( 2009 ). Psychological preparation for the Olympic Games . Journal of Sport Sciences, 27, 1393 – 1408 . doi:10.1080/02640410903081845 Hardy , L. , Barlow , M. , Evans , L. , Rees , T. , Woodman , T. , & Warr , C. ( 2017 ). Great British medalists: Psychosocial

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Ryan W. Guenter, John G.H. Dunn and Nicholas L. Holt

Canadian sailing team at the 1988 summer Olympic Games . The Sport Psychologist, 3, 313 – 319 . doi:10.1123/tsp.3.4.313 Jeffery-Tosoni , S. , Fraser-Thomas , J. , & Baker , J. ( 2015 ). Parent involvement in Canadian youth hockey: Experiences and perspectives of peewee players . Journal of

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Nicholas Burton and Cheri Bradish

dissuade brands from rivaling official partners. This emphasis on public perception was perhaps never more evident than during the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games, when Reebok spokesperson Dave Fogelson famously decried Nike’s ambush efforts. Although not an official sponsor, Nike established a Nike

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Kelsey Slater

Andrew Zimbalist —Professor of economics at Smith College. Andrew Zimbalist is a leading analyst of the economic issues surrounding cities’ and nations’ staging of megaevents including the Olympic Games and FIFA (soccer) World Cup tournaments. He has written numerous books on the intersection of

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Shushu Chen and Laura Misener

legacies of Olympic Games, to offset the negative commentary regarding the lack of positive outcomes for the host region ( MacAloon, 2008 ; Preuss, 2015 ). However, typically, this approach examines only outcomes of an event with no regard for strategic intent to create opportunities that will benefit the

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Mark Dyreson

–1965 . Arlington, VA : National Recreation and Park Association . Lucas , J.A. ( 1980 ). The modern Olympic games . New York, NY : A.S. Barnes . Luther Halsey Gulick, 1865–1918 . ( 1918 ). The Survey, 40 , 579 – 80 . MacAloon , J.J. ( 1981 ). This great symbol: Pierre de Coubertin and the origins of

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Alex C. Gang

Brazil, a country that hosted the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games, and in their analysis they concentrate on identifying both positive and negative ramifications of hosting global sporting events. The authors assert that the propensity of economic benefits engendered by each hallmark

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Adam D.G. Baxter-Jones

-year-old boys aligned by height. An Historical Perspective of the Role of Sport on Growth Organized sport for adults and children was thought to have been first introduced by the ancient Greeks in large festivals such as the Olympic Games (c. 776 B.C.). These were held regularly until 394 A.D., when