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Emma E. Sypes, Genevieve Newton and Zakkoyya H. Lewis

, “a wearable device that objectively measures lifestyle PA and can provide feedback, beyond the display of basic activity count information, via the monitor display or through a partnering application to elicit continual self-monitoring of activity behaviour.” 4 These devices continue to be developed

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Anantha Narayanan, Farzanah Desai, Tom Stewart, Scott Duncan and Lisa Mackay

accelerometer data. 12 However, raw data are voluminous (usually between 30 and 100 samples per second), making the data harder to manage and interpret. Compared with activity counts, raw data metrics such as Euclidean Norm Minus One have shown promise for improving comparability among different devices, 13

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Matthieu Dagenais, Nancy M. Salbach, Dina Brooks and Kelly K. O’Brien

activity among adults living with HIV. Alternatively, Fillipas et al 53 found a weak correlation (.41) between the IPAQ MET-minutes per week with a WPAM (ActiGraph ® ) when recording activity counts (MET categories similar to the categories used in this study) among adults living with HIV. The IPAQ

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boys). They wore an Actiheart (CamNtech, Cambridge, UK) for 3 days (2 week-days and one weekend day). This device recorded accelerometry (ACC) and heart rate (HR) data using an epoch setting of 15 s. PAEE was estimated using the branched model equations (activity counts + HR). Physical activity level

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Amherst Recent studies have used triaxial accelerometer activity counts to distinguish standing time from sitting time. Further research is needed on methods for classifying standing versus sitting using step-based metrics. Sparsely detected steps peppered into strings of 0 steps/min (i.e., zero cadence

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GM competence and PA were assessed using the Bayley Scales of Infant Development – 3rd ed. and ActiGraph GT3X-BT accelerometers. PA was measured over 3 days and the average activity counts per minute at the wrist and ankle were calculated. Rate of weight gain was calculated by entering each infants