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Jonathan M. Miller, Mark A. Pereira, Julian Wolfson, Melissa N. Laska, Toben F. Nelson and Dianne Neumark-Sztainer

-Reported PA (hours/week) Parent Report (F-EAT) 4.08 (3.7) Parent-reported moderate and vigorous physical activity (Godin–Shephard, test–retest reliability: r  = .56 to .75)  Parent Active with Child (hours/week) Parent Report (F-EAT) 1.22 (1.53) Hours per week parent is active with their adolescent (test

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Yang Liu, Senlin Chen and Xiangli Gu

vigorous physical activity, compared with those PE interventions held indoors ( McKenzie et al., 2001 ). In addition, another study also reported that students perceived higher feelings of revitalization, engagement, enjoyment, and satisfaction during outdoor PE activities, compared with indoor activities

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Edgard Melo Keene von Koenig Soares, Guilherme E. Molina, Daniel Saint Martin, João Luís A. E. Sadat P. Leitão, Keila E. Fontana, Luiz F. Junqueira Jr., Timóteo Leandro de Araújo, Sandra Mahecha Matsudo, Victor K. Matsudo and Luiz Guilherme Grossi Porto

PA (VPA) per week (60 vs 75 min), (2) the frequency of MVPA per week (5 d/wk vs none), and (3) how to combine moderate and vigorous physical activities (simple addition of MVPA minutes or an addition that computes vigorous minutes in double). As to the last criterion, the WHO recommendation states

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Jungyun Hwang, I-Min Lee, Austin M. Fernandez, Charles H. Hillman and Amy Shirong Lu

.1093/ajcn/70.1.145s 10.1093/ajcn/70.1.145s 24. Gutin B , Yin Z , Humphries MC , Barbeau P . Relations of moderate and vigorous physical activity to fitness and fatness in adolescents . Am J Clin Nutr . 2005 ; 81 ( 4 ): 746 – 50 . PubMed ID: 15817847 doi:10.1093/ajcn/81.4.746 15817847 10

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Richard Larouche, Joel D. Barnes, Sébastien Blanchette, Guy Faulkner, Negin A. Riazi, François Trudeau and Mark S. Tremblay

.1097/00005768-200009000-00012 10994911 10.1097/00005768-200009000-00012 40. Saunders TJ , Gray CE , Borghese MM , et al . Validity of SC-StepRx pedometer-derived moderate and vigorous physical activity during treadmill walking and running in a heterogeneous sample of children and youth . BMC Public Health . 2014 ; 14 ( 1

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Nadia Cristina Valentini, Glauber Carvalho Nobre, Mariele Santayana de Souza and Michael J. Duncan

concerning result, especially at younger ages. References 1. Braithwaite I , Stewart AW , Hancox RJ , et al . Body mass index and vigorous physical activity in children and adolescents: an international cross-sectional study . Acta Paediatr . 2017 ; 106 ( 8 ): 1323 – 1330 . PubMed ID: 28471494

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Allyson Brothers and Manfred Diehl

= .34 . As can be seen in Table  3 , the average reported number of minutes spent in moderate and vigorous physical activity was significantly higher during Weeks 5–8 ( M  = 176.25; SD  = 89.92) than at baseline ( M  = 84.95; SD  = 91.17; p  < .001). The average physical activity level remained

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Amanda Sonnega, Amanda Leggett, Renee Pepin and Shervin Assari

-olds corresponds to several times a month. This declines to almost never at older ages. Table 2 Mean Level of Mild, Moderate, and Vigorous Physical Activity by Age Group (Baseline) Age group Mild activity Moderate activity Vigorous activity 51–60 3.58 (0.2) 3.27 (0.02) 2.26 (0.02) 61–70 3.45 (0.2) 3.19 (0.03) 2

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Jaehun Jung, Willie Leung, Bridgette Marie Schram and Joonkoo Yun

– 272 . doi:10.3846/16484142.2015.1078845 10.3846/16484142.2015.1078845 Moore , J.B. , Beets , M.W. , Barr-Anderson , D.J. , & Evenson , K.R. ( 2013 ). Sedentary time and vigorous physical activity are independently associated with cardiorespiratory fitness in middle school youth . Journal of

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Marco Giurgiu, Johannes B.J. Bussmann, Holger Hill, Bastian Anedda, Marcel Kronenwett, Elena D. Koch, Ulrich W. Ebner-Priemer and Markus Reichert

behavior, including movement intensity (e.g., light, moderate, and vigorous physical activity) and posture (e.g., sitting/lying, standing) ( Stamatakis et al., 2020 ). Given the technological advancements, thigh-worn accelerometers provide greater ability to distinguish between different body postures