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Diane M. Ste-Marie

the development of execution/game strategies and motor routines) and performance (observing for the development of optimal arousal and mental states) functions of observation. The four articles presented in this special section on the use of observation to enhance motor skill acquisition serve to

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Rachel Arnold, Nicole Bolter, Lori Dithurbide, Karl Erickson, Blair Evans, Larkin Lamarche, Sean Locke, Eric Martin and Kathleen Wilson

Edited by Kim Gammage

, the purpose was to explore whether the use of two strategies, specifically distraction and cognitive reappraisal, would translate into changes in emotional arousal, emotional valence, perceived exertion, and prefrontal cortex activity during endurance exercise. The repeated-measures experimental

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Yonghwan Chang, Daniel L. Wann and Yuhei Inoue

experiences ( Csikszentmihalyi, 1990 ). As such, while watching sporting events, the feelings of negative emotions (such as anger and fear) might help optimize their desired arousal level as well as flow experiences for spectators with stronger iTeam ID. H3 : iTeam ID positively influences spectators’ flow

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Shuge Zhang, Stuart Beattie, Amanda Pitkethly and Chelsey Dempsey

extraverts tend to enjoy interpersonal interactions, are likely to be enthusiastic and talkative, and always seek high arousal or stimulus ( Eysenck & Eysenck, 1985 ), we hypothesized that they would report higher levels of distractibility in training (replicating Woodman et al., 2010 ). However, as

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other factors (eg, training load, etc) beside dietary interventions may have a strong influence on endogenous fuel bioenergetics. Acute Caffeine Ingestion and Exercise Intensity Affects Executive and Arousal Vigilance Differently C. Sanchis, PhD 1 ; F. Luna, MS 2 ; C. Monleón, PhD 1 ; J. Lupiáñez, PhD 2

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Kleverton Krinski, Daniel G. S. Machado, Luciana S. Lirani, Sergio G. DaSilva, Eduardo C. Costa, Sarah J. Hardcastle and Hassan M. Elsangedy

weight divided by height squared (kg/m 2 ). Body composition was determined using a whole-body DEXA scanner (DPX-IQ; Lunar Corp., Madison, WI). Instruction Protocol The participants were familiarized with the Borg RPE Scale, the Feeling Scale (FS), the Felt Arousal Scale (FAS), the Attention Scale, as

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Marianne Jover, Mathilde Cellier and Celine Scola

rapid increase in activity that accompanied each of the two short silent phases has several possible explanations that are not mutually exclusive. First, it suggests that the infants were aroused, as they moved their heads, and sometimes also their arms and legs ( Thelen, 1979 ). This general motor

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Molly P. O’Sullivan, Matthew R. Nagy, Shannon S. Block, Trevor R. Tooley, Leah E. Robinson, Natalie Colabianchi and Rebecca E. Hasson

, replacing PE with seated computer games) in the third- and fourth-grade students. A central tenet of the ActivityStat hypothesis is that children are inherently active because physical activity provides sensory information to the central nervous system (CNS) needed for arousal ( 17 ). Children, however, may

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Melissa G. Hunt, James Rushton, Elyse Shenberger and Sarah Murayama

positive effects on physiological indices of autonomic arousal, including lowering heart rate and blood pressure ( Jerath, Edry, Barnes, & Jerath, 2006 ) and increasing HRV ( Prinsloo, Derman, Lambert, & Rauch, 2013 ). It has also proved useful to the general college student population for reducing testing

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Juha Yoon and Alex Chinhoo Gang

. What kind of strategies do you use to motivate your athletes? Chun : Each athlete is motivated in different ways. We are prone to make the misjudgment that taking a balanced carrot-and-stick approach is the right way of arousing the maximum level of motivation. But, in the interpersonal communication