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Elisa S. Arch, Sarah Colón and James G. Richards

physical activity. Such advancements in apparel design may be beneficial for breast health and women’s participation in physical activity and quality of life. Acknowledgments This work was supported by Reebok International Ltd . The authors have no conflicts of interest to disclose. References 1. Burnett

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Dawn M. Emerson, Toni M. Torres-McGehee, Susan W. Yeargin, Kyle Dolan and Kelcey K. deWeber

, ATC, and Charles C. Emerson, MS, ATC, for assisting in the survey development. Thank you to Anita Ramsay, Professional Hockey Athletic Trainers’ Society Director, and Don DelNegro, MS, ATC, for disseminating the survey and encouraging participation. The authors have no conflict of interest to disclose

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Marissa C. Gradoz, Lauren E. Bauer, Terry L. Grindstaff and Jennifer J. Bagwell

investigate reliability measurements in persons with hip pathology and should include prone hip rotation ROM measurements. Acknowledgments There are no conflicts of interest. This study was approved by the Creighton University Review Board. References 1. Martin HD , Kelly BT , Leunig M , et al . The

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Nicole Cascia, Tim L. Uhl and Carolyn M. Hettrich

they provide in treatment decisions and can further justify or support a conservative treatment plan. In addition, future UCL research should work toward formulating a treatment algorithm for decisions on operative and nonoperative management. Acknowledgment There are no conflicts of interest for any

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Michael Girdwood, Liam West, David Connell and Peter Brukner

, the deep external rotators of the hip appear to have a positionally dependent action, suggesting rehabilitation should target a variety of ranges of motion. Acknowledgments This work was not funded by an external source. The authors have no conflicts of interest to disclose. References 1. Orchard J

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Christina Jones, Kyle B. Kosik, Phillip Gribble and Matthew C. Hoch

conflicting (inconsistent results from evidence of similar levels) using a modified van Tulder approach for determining the level of evidence. 8 Table 1 Characteristics of Included Studies Authors Characteristic Hoch et al. 4 Powell et al. 5 Burcal and Wikstrom 3 Participants 8 adults (5 males, 3 females; 26

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Sravya Vajapey and Timothy L. Miller

internal fixation yield similar outcomes. Acknowledgment The authors received no funding for this study and report no conflicts of interest. References 1. Court-Brown CM , Wood AM , Aitken S . The epidemiology of acute sports-related fractures in adults . Injury . 2008 ; 39 ( 12 ): 1365 – 1372

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Wei-Cheng Chao, Jui-Chi Shih, Kuan-Chung Chen, Ching-Lin Wu, Nai-Yuan Wu and Chien-Sheng Lo

their long-term cooperation. The authors have no conflicts of interest to disclose. References 1. Prodromos CC , Han Y , Rogowski J , Joyce B , Shi K . A meta-analysis of the incidence of anterior cruciate ligament tears as a function of gender, sport, and a knee injury-reduction regimen

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Kristin D. Morgan

conflicts of interest to disclose. References 1. Adams D , Logerstedt D , Hunter-Giordano A , Axe MJ , Snyder-Mackler L . Current concepts for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a criterion-based rehabilitation progression . J Orthop Sports Phys Ther . 2012 ; 42 ( 7 ): 601 – 614

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Ricardo Pires, Thays Falcari, Alexandre B. Campo, Bárbara C. Pulcineli, Joseph Hamill and Ulysses Fernandes Ervilha

the rearfoot, it seems to be not possible to differentiate between running shod or barefoot by only analyzing the muscular electrical activity, even if using a trained SMV. Acknowledgment The authors have no conflicts of interest to disclose. References 1. McCallion C , Donne B , Fleming N