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Yolanda Barrado-Martín, Michelle Heward, Remco Polman and Samuel R. Nyman

, Clemson, & Crotty, 2016 ; Rao, Chou, Bursley, Smulofsky, & Jezequel, 2014 ; Öhman, Savikko, Strandberg, & Pitkälä, 2014 ). Lessons learnt from previous exercise interventions involving community-dwelling people living with dementia suggest that uptake facilitators are health-care professionals’ advice

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Patrick P.J.M. Schoenmakers, Florentina J. Hettinga and Kate E. Reed

, each targeting different physiological, neuromuscular, and mechanical adaptations. 1 In recent years, many studies have tried to optimize the work intervals of HIIT protocols. A demanding “work interval” is needed to facilitate training adaptations, with adaptations determined at a cellular level by

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Cassidy Preston and Jessica Fraser-Thomas

teach life skills or provide opportunities for positive relationship building. While coaches have consistently been suggested to play a key role in facilitating young people’s optimal personal development (e.g., Fraser-Thomas, Côté, & Deakin, 2005 ; Holt et al., 2017 ), it appears there is sometimes

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Tammy Sheehy, Sam Zizzi, Kristen Dieffenbach and Lee-Ann Sharp

number of sport psychology organizations, internationally (e.g., AASP, BASES, FEPSAC), the focus for most applied sport psychology interventions is on the coach’s role as a facilitator of sport psychology skills and techniques with athletes, rather than focusing on their own performance and well

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Phil Ferrar, Lillian Hosea, Miles Henson, Nadine Dubina, Guy Krueger, Jamie Staff and Wade Gilbert

Committee’s (USOC) National Team Coach Leadership Education Program (NTLEP). Development and delivery of the seminar was facilitated by The People Academy. Impact results from participation in this seminar are drawn from coaches and athletes from USA Archery and USA Cycling. The article is organized into

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Brendan T. O’ Keeffe, Ciaran MacDonncha, Kwok Ng and Alan E. Donnelly

( M  = 6.2 ± 1.2). The teachers were also strongly in favor of having access to a digital platform that would facilitate tracking student scores and reporting results ( M  = 6.4 ± .94). Reasons for Fitness Testing The participants were asked to provide a brief statement as to why HRPF testing should

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James Mandigo, Ken Lodewyk and Jay Tredway

that best facilitate the development of physical literacy. Almond ( 2013 ) offered three pedagogical strategies that were recommended to support the development of physical literacy. He suggested that when instructors adopt a pedagogy of engagement, a relational pedagogy, and an autonomy

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Kyle Paquette and Pierre Trudel

dimensions of teaching practices that change when adopting LC focus. In short, (a)  the function of content becomes triggering meaningful engagement for learning in the present and future; (b)  the role of the instructor becomes prioritizing the facilitation of coaches’ learning and their achievement of

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Jenn M. Jacobs, K. Andrew R. Richards, Zach Wahl-Alexander and James D. Ressler

socialization theory (OST) as a lens through which to understand how one cohort of physical education PTs learned to navigate relationships with teaching peers through facilitating an outdoor education (OE) field experience for elementary school students. Occupational Socialization Theory Occupational

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Sarpreet Kahlon, Kiah Brubacher-Cressman, Erica Caron, Keren Ramonov, Ruth Taubman, Katherine Berg, F. Virginia Wright and Alicia J. Hilderley

established. Consideration of environmental context and identification of factors influencing PA (i.e., barriers/facilitators), goal setting, and because of beliefs about PA abilities, it may be necessary ( Reedman et al., 2017 ) to go beyond basic instruction to foster physical literacy and PA participation