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Kim Gammage, Desi McEwan, Lori Dithurbide, Alison Ede, Karl Erickson, Blair Evans, Larkin Lamarche, Sean Locke, Eric Martin and Kathleen Wilson

-efficacy, enjoyment, self-management, parent direct help, friend support, barriers, father’s perceived physical activity, and physical activity of female friends. Among girls, neighborhood road connectivity, distance to trail, and mother’s physical activity differed by ethnicity/race. Increased road connectivity was

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J.D. DeFreese, Travis E. Dorsch and Travis A. Flitton

sport parents in the United States. Participants included 65 fathers and 148 mothers (1 non-specified) ranging in age from 26 to 66 years ( M  = 43.2, SD  = 6.2). Hispanic or Latino ethnicity was affirmed by 0.9% of participants. The majority of participants self-identified as White (95.3%) with

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Meg G. Hancock, Alicia Cintron and Lindsey Darvin

involvement. Friends and peers were found to be influential in their initial entry into a career or job in intercollegiate athletics through access. Thirteen participants identified a parent or sibling as a key figure in initially developing an interest in sport. Men and women most often identified fathers

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Sharon E. Taverno Ross

environment, researchers should take additional, purposeful (and often challenging) steps to include fathers in these interventions. There is evidence that Latino fathers can both help and hinder healthy home behaviors ( Lora, Cheney, & Branscum, 2017 ). By overlooking the role of the father in the home and

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Mark Dyreson

missionaries to Hawaii who had ministered in the islands since 1828. Like his father and namesake, Gulick earned a medical degree from New York University and was a well-traveled citizen of the world. He served with his family in Christian missions in the South Pacific, China, Japan, Spain, and Italy. Schooled

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Benjamin H. Nam, Sangback Nam, Adam Love, Takuya Hayakawa, Rachael C. Marshall and Kyung Su Jung

’s Motivation for Running Under Japanese Colonial Rule Ki-Yong Nam was born on June 29, 1915, in Suncheon, the second-largest city in Jeolla Province. He was the second child of Chan-Sook Nam and Won-Il Chung. His father owned a Korean rice wine brewery and worked as a real estate dealer. 6 Six years before

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Ellen J. Staurowsky

German police to rescue the hostages and to negotiate with the terrorists resulted in the deaths of all the Israeli hostages and one police officer. At one point, McKay remained on air for 16 hours straight, breaking the grim news of the final outcome to viewers by saying, When I was a kid my father

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Salomé Aubert, Julien Aucouturier, Caroline Ganière, Alicia Fillon, Pauline Genin, Julien Schipman, Benjamin Larras, Corinne Praznoczy, Martine Duclos and David Thivel

58th percentile for flexibility (measured with the test sit-and-reach) 6 based on age- and sex-specific international normative data from 27 countries. 7 Family and Peers INC A cross sectional study that surveyed 1713 boys and 1724 girls (all 12 years old) in Bas-Rhin found that 46% of fathers and

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Dominic Malcolm

-professional players, who expressed certainty that heading had caused their fathers’ dementia, argued only that children should be protected from the physical risks of heading. The Role of Dementia Narratives While DFME replicated narratives evident in broader discussions of risk and injury in sport, they should

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Adam D.G. Baxter-Jones

highly determined by genetic factors. Using parental data, it is therefore possible to predict a target height for a child. Child height can be calculated as the sum of the father’s height in cm (–13 cm if a girl) plus the mother’s height in cm (+13 cm if a boy) divided by 2, with an error of 9 cm