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Gina M. McCaskill, Olivio J. Clay, Peng Li, Richard E. Kennedy, Kathryn L. Burgio and Cynthia J. Brown

, compared with exercisers and national averages. In another study, Agha et al. ( 2000 ) conducted a large comparative analysis of health status and health care utilization between veterans receiving care at Veterans Affairs (VA) health care facilities and a non-VA patient population. They found that

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Monika Grygorowicz, Martyna Michałowska, Paulina Jurga, Tomasz Piontek, Honorata Jakubowska and Tomasz Kotwicki

was the main reason in the group of players who retired due to other factors (Table  3 ). Over 46% (n = 43) of all respondents stated that they would have liked to play longer, but their health problems had made it impossible. In 45% (n = 42) of athletes current health status influenced physical

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Yong Yang, Sheng Li, Kai Zhang, Xiaoling Xiang, Zhigang Li, SangNam Ahn and James Murphy

perceive their health status as excellent or very good. The older adults had fewer daily total trips and fewer total weekly active travel trips compared with the Y&M adults. On average, the older adults had 3.59 total trips per day and 5.75 active travel trips per week, and the Y&M adults had 4.11 total

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Marilia Silva Paulo, Javaid Nauman, Abdishakur Abdulle, Abdulla Aljunaibi, Mouza Alzaabi, Caroline Barakat-Haddad, Mohamud Sheek-Hussein, Syed Mahboob Shah, Susan Yousufzai and Tom Loney

environments, and active spaces may help to increase PA across the entire UAE population. References 1. Loney T , Aw TC , Handysides D , et al . An analysis of the health status of the UAE: the ‘Big 4’ public health issues . Glob Health Action . 2013 ; 6 : 20100 . PubMed ID: 23394856 doi:10

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Ricky Camplain, Julie A. Baldwin, Meghan Warren, Carolyn Camplain, Monica R. Lininger and Robert T. Trotter

intervention. Between October 2017 and April 2018, we interviewed 199 individuals ≥18 years of age who were housed at a rural county jail to assess their general health status and their physical activity participation during recreation time. 4 Briefly, participants were asked about their frequency of

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Oleg Zaslavsky, Yan Su, Eileen Rillamas-Sun, Inthira Roopsawang and Andrea Z. LaCroix

higher score representing a more favorable health status. Covariates Race/ethnicity, family income, and the highest level of education were from the WHI baseline (1993–1998). Age, self-rated health, smoking status, frequency of alcohol consumption, depressive symptoms, and the number of chronic diseases

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Mark A. Tully, Ilona I. McMullan, Nicole E. Blackburn, Jason J. Wilson, Laura Coll-Planas, Manuela Deidda, Paolo Caserotti, Dietrich Rothenbacher and on behalf of the SITLESS group

/write, cannot read/write, primary, secondary, or university) were included. Additionally, a self-rated health status (the 12-item self-reported health questionnaire [SF-12]; 1 is excellent , 2 is very good , 3 is good , 4 is fair , and 5 is poor ) and physical function (SPPB), a group of measures that

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Hosam Alzahrani, Sonia W.M. Cheng, Debra Shirley, Martin Mackey and Emmanuel Stamatakis

-intensity physical activity or 75 minutes per week of vigorous-intensity physical activity, or an equivalent combination of moderate- and vigorous-intensity physical activity. 17 , 19 Despite overwhelming evidence supporting the benefits of increasing physical activity for improving overall health status, the

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Laura A. Verbruggen, Melissa M. Thompson and Chris J. Durall

it worse”. First step pain (100-mm VAS), foot function, and general foot health (Foot Health Status Questionnaire). Pain (10-cm VAS) and pain-related disability (Manchester Foot Pain and Disability Schedule). Pain (point VAS) and stability using the transfer area of the center of gravity (TAOCOG

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Elshan Najafov, Şeyda Özal, Ahmet Yiğit Kaptan, Coşkun Ulucaköy, Ulunay Kanatlı, Baybars Ataoğlu and Selda Başar

Health Status Measures . New York, NY : American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons ; 2002 : 1 – 9 . 8. Altman DG . Practical Statistics for Medical Research . London, UK : Chapman & Hall ; 1991 . 9. Çelik D , Atalar AC , Demirhan M , Dirican A . Translation, cultural adaptation