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Kelley Pettee Gabriel, Adriana Pérez, David R. Jacobs Jr, Joowon Lee, Harold W. Kohl III and Barbara Sternfeld

, variance inflation factors, condition indices, and tolerance values) were evaluated and found to be acceptable. 28 To conduct the cross-validation, the regression coefficients and corresponding coefficient of determination ( R 2 ) values from the derivation set were retained. Next, a new cross-sectional composite

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Rebekka Pomiersky, Bastian Abel, Christian Werner, André Lacroix, Klaus Pfeiffer, Martina Schäufele and Klaus Hauer

). Model 2: Δ PAQE total at T3 − PAQE total at T1 for total study sample ( N  = 96). PAQE = Physical Activity Questionnaire for the Elderly; β = standardized regression coefficient; VIF = Variance inflation factor; TUG = Timed Up and Go; CIRS = Cumulative Illness Rating Scale; MMSE = Mini-Mental State

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Judy L. Van Raalte, Allen E. Cornelius, Elizabeth M. Mullin, Britton W. Brewer, Erika D. Van Dyke, Alicia J. Johnson and Takehiro Iwatsuki

type i error inflation . Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 145 , 643 – 654 . doi:10.1037/xge0000159 10.1037/xge0000159 Van Raalte , J.L. , Vincent , A. , & Brewer , B.W. ( 2016 ). Self-talk: Review and sport-specific model . Psychology of Sport & Exercise, 22 , 139 – 148 . doi

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Ka Man Leung and Pak-Kwong Chung

inflation, population growth, and population aging, the Food and Health Bureau, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ( 2008 ), estimated that from 2004 to 2033, the total health expenditure will increase by 55%, with an average annual growth rate of 1.5%. Despite the well-documented benefits of engaging

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Stéphanie Girard, Jérôme St-Amand and Roch Chouinard

expectation–maximization algorithm available in Mplus (version 7.4; Muthen & Muthen, Los Angeles, CA) was applied ( Little & Rubin, 2002 ). Multicollinearity testing gave acceptable values: tolerance was above .2, and variance inflation factor was below 1 ( Field, 2009 ). All variables presented acceptable

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José-Antonio Cecchini, Antonio Méndez-Giménez and Beatriz Sánchez-Martínez

variables, taking the variance for the Level 1 (repeated measures), Level 2 (students), Level 3 (classrooms), Level 4 (teachers), and Level 5 (schools). We selected multilevel modeling because it is recommended for the analysis of repeated measurements and reduces the risk of inflation of Type I errors. It

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Leilani A. Madrigal, Vincenzo Roma, Todd Caze, Arthur Maerlender and Debra Hope

comparisons with the Bonferonni correction to correct for alpha inflation (e.g.,  p  <.003). The SAS-2 total score and subscales were substantially correlated with anxiety sensitivity, fear of negative evaluation, intolerance of uncertainty, and negative affect in the expected direction as evidence for

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Namkee G. Choi, Diana M. DiNitto, John E. Sullivan and Bryan Y. Choi

this group. Variance inflation factor diagnostics, using a cutoff of 2.50 ( Allison, 2015 ), showed that multicollinearity was not a concern. Multinomial logistic regression results are presented as relative risk ratios with 95% CIs, and binary logistic regression results are presented as adjusted odds

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Tsz Lun (Alan) Chu, Tao Zhang, Katherine T. Thomas, Xiaoxia Zhang and Xiangli Gu

Endurance Run. * p  < .05. ** p  < .01. *** p  < .001. All assumptions for correct specification of the regression models were met, and no multicollinearity was observed with the diagnostics of variance inflation factors (<10), tolerance (>.10), and condition numbers (κ < 30). It is important to note that

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Beth A. Cianfrone, Jessica R. Braunstein-Minkove and Alyssa L. Tavormina

) significantly predicted number of tickets purchased. Table 4 Predictors of Number of Tickets Sold Variable B SE β p Variance inflation factor Constant 300.56 197.57   .135   Number of games/events offered 18.78 7.94 .288 .024* 1.19 Number of e-mails sent 33.04 6.47 .616 .000*** 1.13 Ticket cost of game/event −2