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Louise M. Burke, Asker E. Jeukendrup, Andrew M. Jones and Martin Mooses

fresh fruit  ○ Sports products (e.g.,  sports drinks, gels, confectionary) • Meat, milk, cheese, poultry, fish, eggs, and other protein-rich foods can be added to meals and snack menus. • Uncooked fruits and vegetables should be avoided, especially where they contain skin or pips. Cooked versions can be

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Zachary C. Merz, Joanne E. Perry and Michael J. Ross

.g., “Milk” exercise, observing thoughts, thought metaphors, and description vs. evaluation), he was able to gain distance from these thoughts, while centering himself on his athletic values (discussed below). Specifically, cognitive defusion techniques prevented Trent from automatically buying into his

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Assumpta Ensenyat, Gemma Espigares-Tribo, Leonardo Machado-Da-Silva, Xenia Sinfreu-Bergués and Alfonso Blanco

’s dietary status. 34 The HEI comprises 12 items, each representing different features of a healthy diet according to U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines. 35 , 36 Items 1 to 8 measure the degree of agreement with national dietary guidelines for the consumption of grains, vegetables, fruit, milk, and

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Rachel Massie, James Smallcombe and Keith Tolfrey

, United Kingdom). There was no laboratory EI measurement in week 6 because the girls were not granted permission to be absent from school. The buffet meals included the following food items: cereals, semiskimmed milk, and croissants for breakfast; fruit, various cereal bars, and biscuits for snacks

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Gary J. Slater, Jennifer Sygo and Majke Jorgensen

and shape in modern athletics . Journal of Experimental Biology, 212 ( Pt 15 ), 2419 – 2425 . PubMed ID: 19617435 doi:10.1242/jeb.031161 10.1242/jeb.031161 Cockburn , E. , Stevenson , E. , Hayes , P.R. , Robson-Ansley , P. , & Howatson , G. ( 2010 ). Effect of milk-based carbohydrate

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Leslie K. Larsen, Leslee A. Fisher, Terilyn C. Shigeno, Matthew P. Bejar and Melissa N. Madeson

getting rest a priority; 7–8 hr of sleep per night. Eat often and eat well including muscle milk or snacks after workouts and attending training table. Variant 14/41 Domain VII: Academic expectations  a. Class attendance and participation Must attend class and be on time. Punished for missing class. No

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Keren Susan Cherian, Ashok Sainoji, Balakrishna Nagalla and Venkata Ramana Yagnambhatt

portion sizes were fixed for meat and milk products; whereas rice, vegetables, and pulses have unlimited serving sizes. The players were intimated prior to the measurement, and the reporting bias of junior players was minimized by employing the direct weighment method as against the self-reporting methods

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Pedro Lopez, Mikel Izquierdo, Regis Radaelli, Graciele Sbruzzi, Rafael Grazioli, Ronei Silveira Pinto and Eduardo Lusa Cadore

, T. , Kim , M. , Kojima , N. , Ota , N. , Shimotoyodome , A. , … Yoshida , H. ( 2015 ). Effects of exercise and milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) supplementation on body composition, physical function, and hematological parameters in community-dwelling frail Japanese women: A randomized

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Duncan Simpson and Lauren P. Elberty

.” Similarly, Sarah stated “[basketball] did become a coping skill. I was with my whole team, and we were playing a sport that we knew she loved. We could finish her dream for her.” Other participants used food, drugs, and alcohol to cope, “I would drink chocolate milk, and eat a lot of chocolate,” (Emma) and

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Katherine Elizabeth Black, Alistair David Black and Dane Frances Baker

rugby players in Australia, had a good diet quality score with 62% (interquartile range = 19) of total energy coming from the “core food” groups (breads and cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat and meat alternatives, milk and dairy) that was higher than the general population, suggesting a higher diet