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Andrew Cox, Marcie B. Fyock-Martin and Joel R. Martin

output; PPO = peak power output; RCT = randomized control trial; RCTH = respiratory compensation threshold; ROTC = reserve officers training corps; RPE = rating of perceived exertion; SVC = slow vital capacity; VT = ventilatory threshold. Results of Evidence Quality Assessment The four studies all scored

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Luana T. Rossato, Camila T.M. Fernandes, Públio F. Vieira, Flávia M.S. de Branco, Paula C. Nahas, Guilherme M. Puga and Erick P. de Oliveira

in peak power output after serial CHO mouth rinse (5 s, maltodextrin, 6%; mouth rinse realized 8 times) in 12 physically active males. Although Phillips et al 17 and Chong et al 15 (mentioned previously) used the same Wingate protocol (a single 30-s maximal sprint cycling effort), the number of

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Ryan G. Overmayer and Matthew W. Driller

variability . Eur J Appl Physiol . 2013 ; 113 ( 2 ): 371 – 384 . PubMed doi:10.1007/s00421-012-2445-2 10.1007/s00421-012-2445-2 22752345 5. Bentley DJ , McNaughton LR , Thompson D , Vleck VE , Batterham AM . Peak power output, the lactate threshold, and time trial performance in cyclists

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Philip Hurst, Samantha Saunders and Damian Coleman

healthy participants ( N  = 8), and Jodra et al. ( 2020 ) showed that consumption of a 70-ml beetroot juice shot improved peak power output during a Wingate test by 4% in recreationally trained participants ( N  = 15). While data suggest dietary nitrate can improve sport performance ( Hoon et al., 2013

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Irineu Loturco, Timothy Suchomel, Chris Bishop, Ronaldo Kobal, Lucas A. Pereira and Michael McGuigan

exercise was performed on a Smith machine device (Hammer Strength Equipment, Rosemont, IL) following the standard procedures described elsewhere (Figure  1 ). 6 Barbell mean, mean propulsive, and peak power outputs were assessed in the HS and JS exercises on the Smith machine using a linear encoder (T

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María Hernández, Fabrício Zambom-Ferraresi, Pilar Cebollero, Javier Hueto, José Antonio Cascante and María M. Antón

accepted as valid, performed with the maximum possible load, was determined as the 1RM. After determination of the 1RM values, the muscle peak power output of the leg press exercise was measured. The muscle power of the extensor muscles of the leg and hip was measured during the concentric phase of the

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Michael J.A. Speranza, Tim J. Gabbett, David A. Greene, Rich D. Johnston, Andrew D. Townshend and Brett O’Farrell

-grade players was significantly greater ( P  = .004, ES = 1.11, 95% CI 0.35–1.92) than that of the second-grade players. First-grade players also had greater CMJ ( P  = .005, ES = 1.19, 95% CI 0.43–2.03) and PPU ( P  = .03, ES = 0.80, 95% CI 0.26–1.82) peak-power outputs than the second-grade players (Table  1

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Amador García-Ramos, Alejandro Torrejón, Antonio J. Morales-Artacho, Alejandro Pérez-Castilla and Slobodan Jaric

Physiol Occup Physiol . 1987 ; 56 ( 6 ): 650 – 656 . PubMed doi:10.1007/BF00424805 3678217 10.1007/BF00424805 8. Nakamura Y , Mutoh Y , Miyashita M . Determination of the peak power output during maximal brief pedalling bouts . J Sports Sci . 1985 ; 3 ( 3 ): 181 – 187 . PubMed doi:10

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Tiago Turnes, Rafael Penteado dos Santos, Rafael Alves de Aguiar, Thiago Loch, Leonardo Trevisol Possamai and Fabrizio Caputo

. Incremental Test During the incremental test, the intensity of AnT was determined by linear interpolation (lactate vs intensity) given a fixed concentration of 3.5 mmol·L −1 according to Heck et al. 14 Peak power output was defined as the power output attained at exhaustion if the test was terminated at the

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Deepika Singla and M. Ejaz Hussain

, might have led to an increased power output. 1 Chelly et al 1 found enhanced peak power output after an 8-week plyometric training (comprising of both upper body and lower body plyometric training) in adolescent handball players. Handball and baseball players have been reported to have improved body