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Gustavo Monnerat, Alex S. Maior, Marcio Tannure, Lia K.F.C. Back and Caleb G.M. Santos

Soccer is a great physical demand activity and full of complexity from the biological point of view. This sport is characterized by intermittent activity of high intensity, interspersed with exercises of light to moderate intensity, including jumps and kicks with great demand, however, with wide

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Paul F.J. Merkes, Paolo Menaspà and Chris R. Abbiss

, Martin DT , Peiffer JJ , Abbiss CR . Physical demands of sprinting in professional road cycling . Int J Sports Med . 2015 ; 36 ( 13 ): 1058 – 1062 . doi:10.1055/s-0035-1554697 10.1055/s-0035-1554697 26252551 5. Menaspà P , Quod M , Martin DT , Victor J , Abbiss CR

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Joshua Nimmins, Ben Strafford and Joseph Stone

cope with the physical demands (regular ball mass). Future research should address how task constraints affect skill development of adult participants. However, modifications that simplify performance must be representative of the constraints innate to the skill as this preserves perception

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Mirko Brandes, Berit Steenbock and Norman Wirsik

the physical demands of operating a tricycle. This includes the direct transfer of the muscle power to the front wheel, a lower sitting position and, presumably, a lower velocity. A recent study addressed the accuracy of a threshold of 1.5 or 2.0 METs to classify children’s activity as sedentary. 19

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Javier Raya-González, Fabio Yuzo Nakamura, Daniel Castillo, Javier Yanci and Maurizio Fanchini

strength-specific prevention programs) have been applied. 4 However, it seems that these preventive programs are not enough to reduce the injury incidence, mainly due to the high physical demands required during soccer matches. 5 In this sense, quantifying and finely adjusting training and match loads

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Blake D. McLean, Cloe Cummins, Greta Conlan, Grant Duthie and Aaron J. Coutts

changes in the physical demands of the sport, rather an increase in incidental unit movement due to a looser fit, practitioners should interpret accelerometer data collected within jersey fittings with caution. Indeed, if this data are going to be used to inform decision making, it is suggested that

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Henrikas Paulauskas, Rasa Kreivyte, Aaron T. Scanlan, Alexandre Moreira, Laimonas Siupsinskas and Daniele Conte

every ∼2.5 seconds of playing time. 2 Moreover, elite female basketball players spend 8.5% of playing time executing high-intensity actions, with 44 (15) sprints performed per game. 2 Considering the high physical demands experienced by elite female basketball players during games, the use of

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Teun van Erp, Dajo Sanders and Jos J. de Koning

. Sanders D , Heijboer M . Physical demands and power profile of different stage types within a cycling grand tour . Eur J Sport Sci . 2019 ; 19 ( 6 ): 736 – 744 . PubMed ID: 30589390 doi: 10.1080/17461391.2018.1554706 30589390 8. Vogt S , Schumacher YO , Roecker K , et al . Power output

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Jenny H. Conviser, Amanda Schlitzer Tierney and Riley Nickols

resilient and able to function well for a finite period of time; however, ED complications resulting from prolonged states of energy deficiency and physical demands will eventually manifest with far-reaching implications for health and safety. Conclusion The sport environment has been shown to influence the

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Alexander T. Latinjak, Marc Masó and Nikos Comoutos

demands on the players ( Scanlan, Kean, Humphries, & Dalbo, 2015 ; Solomon, Banerjee, & Horn, 2014 ). Moreover, despite its popularity, there is still very little known about the physical demands associated with Ultimate Frisbee and, therefore, the optimal training, preparatory, and recovery approaches