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Lindsey M. Russo, Megan W. Harvey, Penelope Pekow and Lisa Chasan-Taber

2006 Massachusetts insurance reform law provided free health care insurance for residents earning <150% of the federal poverty level. We considered education level and age in multivariable models, but only age qualified as an important covariate. We relied on a self-reported measure of physical

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Brian P. McCullough, Madeleine Orr and Nicholas M. Watanabe

strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change, sustainable development, and efforts to eradicate poverty . Retrieved from Jose , A. , & Lee , S.M. ( 2007 ). Environmental reporting of global corporations: A content analysis based on website disclosures

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Mark S. Dyreson

of their poverty, disease, and seclusion, they were actually a growing tribe in the 1960s, one of the largest in Mexico with about 50,000 members. In the half-century since, as they have faced new challenges including environmental despoliation of their homelands by mining and logging corporations

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Catherine E. Draper, Simone A. Tomaz, Linda Biersteker, Caylee J. Cook, Jacqui Couper, Monique de Milander, Kamesh Flynn, Sonja Giese, Soezin Krog, Estelle V. Lambert, Tamarin Liebenberg, Cyndi Mendoza, Terri Nunes, Anita Pienaar, Alessandra Priorieschi, Dale E. Rae, Nafeesa Rahbeeni, John J. Reilly, Louis Reynolds, Marie-Louise Samuels, Ricardo Siljeur, Jody Urion, Mariza van Wyk and Anthony D. Okely

poverty), and Canada and Australia (both high-income countries). Although the limitations of adaption frameworks include the need for methodological expertise and the lengthy time frame required for completion, 15 the GRADE-ADOLOPMENT approach proved to be feasible for these guidelines. Furthermore, the

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Christina M. Patch, Caterina G. Roman, Terry L. Conway, Ralph B. Taylor, Kavita A. Gavand, Brian E. Saelens, Marc A. Adams, Kelli L. Cain, Jessa K. Engelberg, Lauren Mayes, Scott C. Roesch and James F. Sallis

Chronic Dis . 2005 ; 2 ( 4 ): A11 . PubMed ID: 16164815 21. Lachapelle U , Noland RB . Inconsistencies in associations between crime and walking: a reflection of poverty and density . Int J Sustain Transp . 2015 ; 9 ( 2 ): 103 – 115 . doi:10.1080/15568318.2012.742947 10

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Charles Macaulay, Joseph Cooper and Shaun Dougherty

American society demonstrated through stories of overcoming poverty, hardship, and life obstacles to achieve great success. However, there are a few scholars ( Allison, Davis, & Barranco, 2018 ; Durbow & Adams, 2012 ; Farrey, 2017 ) who have recently published research countering these narratives. It

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Xiangli Gu, Senlin Chen and Xiaoxia Zhang

) poverty guidelines . Federal Register, 77 , 4034 – 4035 . Stodden , D.F. , Goodway , J.D. , Langendorfer , S.J. , Roberton , M.A. , Rudisill , M.E. , Garcia , C. , & Garcia , L.E. ( 2008 ). A developmental perspective on the role of motor skill competence in physical activity: An

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Nisha Botchwey, Myron F. Floyd, Keshia Pollack Porter, Carmen L. Cutter, Chad Spoon, Tom L. Schmid, Terry L. Conway, J. Aaron Hipp, Anna J. Kim, M. Renee Umstattd Meyer, Amanda L. Walker, Tina J. Kauh and Jim F. Sallis

better in school, likely due to multiple benefits on brain structure and function. 9 – 11 This evidence highlights the need to promote healthy lifestyles and opportunities for safe and age-appropriate PA for all children. Communities of color, communities with high poverty levels, and communities with

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Joshua Woods

, Evenson, McGinn, & Brines, 2008 ; Wen, Zhang, Harris, Holt, & Croft, 2013 ; Wolch, Wilson, & Fehrenbach, 2005 ). Most of these studies found that as the poverty of neighborhoods increases, the distance from these neighborhoods to parks and green spaces increases. Neighborhoods with higher percentages of

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Pierre Lepage, Gordon A. Bloom and William R. Falcão

. Coombs , P.H. , & Ahmed , M. ( 1974 ). Attacking rural poverty: How nonformal education can help . Baltimore, MD : Johns Hopkins University Press . Côté , J. , Young , B.W. , North , J. , & Duffy , P. ( 2007