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Mark S. Tremblay

.07.010 47. Lee EY , Spence JC , Tremblay MS , Carson V . Meeting 24-hour movement guidelines for children and youth and associations with psychological well-being among South Korean adolescents . Mental Health Phys Act . 2018 ; 14 : 66 – 73 . 10.1016/j.mhpa.2018.02.001 48. Janssen I

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Alan L. Smith and Daniel Gould

know moving forward. The special issue opens with an article by Daniel Gould that offers an overview of contemporary youth sport and shares examples of critical issues pertaining to physical and psychological well-being, access and structural issues, sport culture, social influence, economics

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Sarah Kölling, Rob Duffield, Daniel Erlacher, Ranel Venter and Shona L. Halson

psychological well-being, memory consolidation is a function of sleep that is especially important for athletes in terms of learning procedural skills. 11 This is supported by a recent review in which the effects of sleep loss on exercise performance, physiological responses to exercise, and cognitive

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Jacqueline McDowell, Yung-Kuei Huang and Arran Caza

, job performance, and psychological well-being as a result of increased PsyCap. These researchers stressed the need to examine the effects of authentic leadership in other sports contexts. Hence, this study contributes to the sport management and authentic leadership literatures by testing new

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Alis Bonsignore, David Field, Rebecca Speare, Lianne Dolan, Paul Oh and Daniel Santa Mina

treatment, which include deleterious changes to body composition (eg, bone mineral density, muscular atrophy, increased body fat percentage), physical capacity, fatigue, metabolism (eg, increased blood triglycerides, cholesterol, and impaired glycemic control), psychological well-being, and health

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Alexander T. Latinjak

is mainly detrimental. Furthermore, mind wandering is not only related to sport performance, but also to psychological well-being. Mind wandering is closely connected with negative mood, insofar as sadness tends to precede mind wandering and mind wandering predicts feeling worse if its content is

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Durva Vahia, Adam Kelly, Harry Knapman and Craig A. Williams

performance increases psychological well-being, which may reduce perceived effort. Players were often selected to play for the under-21 or senior team, which would imply a higher workload compared with their peers on the under-18 team. These sessions, while excluded from analysis, may have influenced the

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Sarah A. Amin, Paula J. Duquesnay, Catherine M. Wright, Kenneth Chui, Christina D. Economos and Jennifer M. Sacheck

impact these behaviors. Children’s self-perceptions are crucial to the adoption and maintenance of physical activity (PA) behaviors as well as psychological well-being ( 8 , 25 ). One domain of self-perception is perceived athletic competence (PAC), defined as the confidence to perform sports and outdoor

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Heather J. Leach, Katie B. Potter and Mary C. Hidde

-0988 21051654 3. Aguinaga S , Ehlers DK , Cosman J , Severson J , Kramer AF , McAuley E . Effects of physical activity on psychological well-being outcomes in breast cancer survivors from prediagnosis to posttreatment survivorship . Psychooncology . 2018 ; 27 ( 8 ): 1987 – 1994 . PubMed ID

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Kayla M. Baker, Sean Healy, David J. Rice and Jeanette M. Garcia

Numerous studies have demonstrated the importance of physical activity (PA) participation in promoting the physical, social, and psychological well-being of adolescents. 1 , 2 According to the European Physical Activity Guidelines, benefits of PA include increased quality of life, self