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Stephen Silverman

Learning in Physical Education: Using Research to Enhance Instruction . We were waiting for our table at the bar at the Old Ebbitt Grill down the street from the While House. Cathy was then at the University of Maryland and I was in DC for a meeting at the American Red Cross, where I chaired a committee. I

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Brian E. Pruegger

pride campaigns: “Red Mile in Calgary,” “Blue Mile in Edmonton,” “White out in Winnipeg,” and “Sens City in Ottawa.” With Detroit owning the distinction of “Hockeytown USA,” Montreal aimed to exceed that distinction in Canada and the NHL. In conclusion, Cha notes that the “City is Hockey” campaign not

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Patrick McAvoy and Taesoo Ahn

for our fans and bringing it all to life for the Boston Red Sox. My role is not to determine who plays or gets promoted—I look at my role as a father. These players are young enough to be my kids and I try to treat them as such in a fatherly way to make sure that they are well fed, in good health and

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Bradley D. Hatfield

oxygen cost of work) as described by Daniels ( 1985 ). From a historical context, John Carroll ( 1999 ) quoted Bob Zuppke, the coach of the great football running back, Red Grange, who played at the University of Illinois from 1922 through 1925, in the following words: “Grange was genius of motion. He

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Stefan Szymanski

simple messages—avoid cigarettes and alcohol—but such clear prescriptions are few and far between. How much kale should I eat? Is yoga helpful? Even quite widely accepted practical-sounding recommendations such as to avoid red meat and exercise often have come under challenge, at least in terms of

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Bradley D. Hatfield, Calvin M. Lu and Jo B. Zimmerman

-level performance of an athlete is sometimes associated with an apparent ease of exertion in such exceptional performers as Wilma Rudolph, who won gold as a sprinter in 100-m, 200-m, and 4 × 100-m events at the 1960 Rome Olympics and was affectionately referred to by European press as the Black Gazelle, while Red

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Shelby Waldron, J.D. DeFreese, Brian Pietrosimone, Johna Register-Mihalik and Nikki Barczak

Study Variables ( N  = 243) Variable 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1. Burnout .92 2. Red Acc .81** .85 3. Exhaustion .81** .41** .91 4. Spt Dev .90** .67** .59** .86 5. Sport Stress .67** .74** .41** .58** .81 6. Social −.41** −.42** −.22** −.40** −.43** .91 7. Intrinsic −.64** −.52** −.39** −.69

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Khirey B. Walker, Chad S. Seifried and Brian P. Soebbing

financial aid = 134 cases Improper recruiting entertainment = 109 cases Extra benefits = 100 cases 1-year probation = 146 cases 1-year postseason ban = 111 cases 2-year probation = 96 cases 2-year postseason ban = 63 cases Red. fin. aid = 59 cases Constitutional Compliance; Membership Committee

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Aaron C. Mansfield

White (23). Tinson et al. ( 2017 ) called for future parent–fan research to include diverse sport contexts. Given this call and my focus on fan identity, I did not seek fans from one specific context. Each participant identified with multiple teams (e.g., the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, and

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Julien Louis, Fabrice Vercruyssen, Olivier Dupuy and Thierry Bernard

(500 ml) 18  Greek-style yogurt (200 g) 12 Vegetal sources  Tofu/soy meat (∼100 g) 16  Soy milk (500 ml) 12  Boiled pasta (∼200 g) 11  Chick peas (∼100 g) 7  Red kidney beans (∼100 g) 7  Boiled rice (∼200 g) 5  Almonds (∼12g = 12 units) 2.5 Note . Nutritional information calculated with nutrition