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David Pierce, Melissa Davies and Bryan Kryder

synthesis models to arrive at a conclusion. • Recognize relationships between component parts of a problem. • Develop insight statements about users. Abductive reasoning • Identify and confront implicit assumptions by generating alternative solutions to problems through a creative process. Collaboration

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Adam Cohen and Calvin Nite

along with the students in their respective groups, we believe this would be a worthy direction for deeper exploration. Experiential learning settings often yield unique settings for interpersonal communication and relationships. These environments (e.g., field work side by side with instructor, and

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Jason W. Lee, Ryan K. Zapalac, Elizabeth A. Gregg and Courtney Godfrey

stadium in anticipation of the competition. Understandably, the power of these and other strong rivalries inspired other schools to focus on building rivalrous relationships between institutions (i.e., the rivalry between Troy University and South Alabama, where in football they play the “Battle for the

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Chadron Hazelbaker and Matthew Martin

significant relationship between the initial proportionality gap and the changes in men’s participation, again suggesting that schools primarily improve their Title IX compliance (based on proportionality) by adding women’s programs and opportunities. More recently, according to the Government Accountability

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Molly Hayes Sauder, Michael Mudrick and Jaime R. DeLuca

jobs in women’s college athletics prior to Title IX, the statistics illustrate the steep decline faced only by women ( Stark, 2017 ). There also appears to be an inverse relationship between position superiority and the number of females in women’s coaching. Specifically, females represent the majority

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Haylee U. Mercado and John Grady

her Zeigler Lecture, Thibault ( 2009 ) illustrated these issues in the context of sport and sport’s relationship to the global environment. Over that last decade, sport organizations have begun to put a stronger emphasis on integrating sustainable practices into their operations. For example, as early

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Jason Reese

would need to calculate: Break-Even Cost = $20.94 per runner Markup = 75% Final Price = ($20.94 × .75) + $20.94 = ($15.705) + $20.94 = $36.65 An important thing to note, as it relates to break-event, cost-plus, and markup pricing is its relationship with price elasticity. If the product is

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Ashley N. Weingartz and Stacy Warner

organizations that do not have traditional marketing resources or receive regular media coverage, social media can be a cost-effective means to communicate and build relationships with their fan base. Thus, it is clear that social media can be a cost-effective tool for non-profit sport organizations like GLL to

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Ryan P. Terry

’s absolutely no continuity in that program. It’s not just that you’re changing the coach. You’re changing recruiting emphasis. You’re changing assistant coaches. You know, coaching is so much about relationships, internally and externally. It’s been a disaster” (as cited in Sports Illustrated, 2015 , para. 6

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Jörg Vianden and Elizabeth A. Gregg

, as well as co-construct meaning of their experiences in a group setting. Focus groups allow students to be active participants rather than being subjected to a more hierarchical or power relationship with the researchers ( Yakaboski, 2010 ). Patton ( 2002 ) determined that focus groups are primarily