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Nicholas Hattrup, Hannah Gray, Mark Krumholtz and Tamara C. Valovich McLeod

that although the early implementation of controlled aerobic exercise resulted in temporary increases in symptoms, it did not lengthen the overall duration of symptoms and the number of days to return-to-play. • Four articles investigated early controlled aerobic exercise as a treatment, 16 – 18

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Carrie S. Baker and Gary B. Wilkerson

administration pressure to direct the care or return-to-play decisions. The AT supervisory relationship is crucial to the practice of the PCM. Fear of losing job status or placement is greatly reduced, which decreases stress and potential fear of litigation related to conflict of interests. 11 The PCM often

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Shannon David and Mary Larson

injury. The nature and quality of these interactions (eg, patient-centeredness) between ATs and patients is critical to outcomes (eg, patient satisfaction, return to play). 2 , 14 , 21 Recently, discussions have emerged relating the importance of ATs skills and abilities of developing therapeutic

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Susan Carter

will accelerate our cause—the more working towards the same goal, the better. In unison we can speed up delivering the treatment that these athletes so desperately need. What are your comments on the long-term effect of risk assessment and return to play (including male/female athletes and recreational

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J.D. DeFreese, Michael J. Baum, Julianne D. Schmidt, Benjamin M. Goerger, Nikki Barczak, Kevin M. Guskiewicz and Jason P. Mihalik

’s full potential and may influence clinicians to make premature and/or potentially dangerous return-to-play decisions that are inconsistent with best practice. Accordingly, the purpose of this study was to determine if life stressors are associated with college athlete concussion testing performance

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Bryan Holtzman, Adam S. Tenforde, Allyson L. Parziale and Kathryn E. Ackerman

allow appropriate return to play. Major sports medicine organizations agree that consequences of LEA can harm an athlete, and limited clearance or disqualification may improve the safety and health of the athlete ( De Souza et al., 2014 ; Mountjoy et al., 2018 ). Yet, consensus is lacking on the best

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Gary Allen, Kristy Smith, Brady Tripp, Jason Zaremski and Seth Smith

clearance for return to full activities. Two weeks after the initial presentation, the patient was seen for a return-to-play examination by a sports medicine physician in an outpatient clinic. Symptoms had resolved and complete history was significant only for a paternal grandfather that died, most likely

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Nikolaus A. Dean

breaks the silence. “So, the good news is that you came in early enough that I think you will be able to return-to-play sometime later this season.” My eyes-widen, as I spike-up and lean into Doctor C. “You think?” I pry. “What the hell does that mean?” My mind is now running a thousand miles per hour

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Steven Nagib and Shelley W. Linens

postconcussion, well after the majority of athletes return to play. 13 Motor control deficiency following concussion is a significant concern, as it has been correlated with increased risk of injury. 14 If gait analysis becomes an accepted objective and measurable concussion diagnostic tool, researchers should

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Rebekah D. Alcock, Gregory C. Shaw and Louise M. Burke

sources (such as gelatine) to athletes with tendon and ligament injuries to aid in repair and accelerate return to play after injury. The proposed mechanism underpinning such a strategy is that the increase in blood concentrations of the amino acids and related compounds found in collagen will support an