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Salomé Aubert, Julien Aucouturier, Jeremy Vanhelst, Alicia Fillon, Pauline Genin, Caroline Ganière, Corinne Praznoczy, Benjamin Larras, Julien Schipman, Martine Duclos and David Thivel

59.2% of boys). 34 The grade attributed to this indicator is stable compared with the 2016 Report Card (“B”). Even though a relatively good grade was obtained for this indicator, our expert panel wants to highlight the potential of the school environment to promote physical activity. In fact

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Shirley Gray, Paul M. Wright, Richard Sievwright and Stuart Robertson

-going process of interaction between past, present, self, and context that allows us to learn from our day to day encounters. An important feature of the teachers’ learning in this study was the way they experienced TPSR, actively engaging with it in the busy, complex, and dynamic context of the school

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Chan Woong Park and Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

, progressives described participating in a relatively good standard of physical education and had fewer experiences of competitive sport in extracurricular settings and outside of the school environment: I felt like PE was something fun during the day and I was very athletic. I just enjoyed being there

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Lisa E. Bolger, Linda A. Bolger, Cian O’ Neill, Edward Coughlan, Wesley O’Brien, Seán Lacey and Con Burns

sex-related cohorts. Knowledge of the FMS proficiency levels of Irish primary school children will aid teacher training colleges, national coaching bodies and parents to identify areas of weaknesses among Irish children and to target these in the school environment, coaching sessions, leisure

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Amparo Escartí, Ramon Llopis-Goig and Paul M. Wright

, 35 , 293 – 311 . doi:10.1080/03054980902934563 10.1080/03054980902934563 Walsh , D.S. , Ozaeta , J. , & Wright , P.M. ( 2010 ). Transference of responsibility model goals to the school environment: Exploring the impact of a coaching club program . Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 15

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Louisa R. Peralta, Claire L. Marvell and Wayne G. Cotton

, considering that service-learning experiences have been found to enhance preservice teachers’ experiences in dealing with political, social, cultural, and ethical issues within a real-world framework to prepare them to be more able to work with diverse students in the school environment ( Cervantes & Meaney

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Justin A. Haegele and T. Nicole Kirk

disappointment that they were not afforded such opportunities within the school environment and eventually found extracurricular means of sport participation. When describing the lack of rigor and his inability to engage in competitive activities during physical education, Lou described a feeling of “What am I

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Xiangli Gu, Senlin Chen and Xiaoxia Zhang

Physical literacy is not a brand new concept but has been revived in the past decade as researchers and practitioners strive to leverage the status of PE in the school environment ( Hastie, 2017 ; Whitehead, 2001 , 2013 ). A physically literate individual originally refers to someone who moves

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Maureen R. Weiss, Lindsay E. Kipp, Alison Phillips Reichter, Sarah M. Espinoza and Nicole D. Bolter

Guidelines for Americans . Washington, DC : US Department of Health and Human Services ; 2008 . 40. Walsh DS , Ozaeta J , Wright PM . Transference of responsibility model goals to the school environment: exploring the impact of a coaching club program . Phys Educ Sport Pedagogy . 2010 ; 15 : 15

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Jeanette Gustat, Christopher E. Anderson, Keelia O’Malley, Tian Hu, Rachel G. Tabak, Karin Valentine Goins, Cheryl Valko, Jill S. Litt and Amy A. Eyler

environment, including that fact that details about school environments were not assessed. Generalizability of the results may be limited, as the respondents were primarily middle-aged, white, female, and had high rates of unemployment. One of the strengths of this study includes the unique ability to examine