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Michael C. Harding, Quinn D. Bott and Christopher E. Jonas

revel in the opportunity to connect and interact with their friends and neighbors, even just a smile and a passing wave. Frequent social interaction strengthens individuals’ ties to one another, and the opportunity for such interactions incentivizes path use. Moreover, as community members observe their

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Lynn L. Ridinger, Kyungun R. Kim, Stacy Warner and Jacob K. Tingle

retention stage included (a) problematic social interactions, (b) training/mentoring, and (c) lack of referee community. According to the authors, the keys to retaining officials were to implement continued training and provide mentors to help referees deal more effectively with problematic social

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Lene Levy-Storms, Lin Chen and Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris

,072 observations, 30.5% of older adults’ activities Park usage in the morning Recreation Social interaction Kaczynski et al. ( 2008 ) Canada Observation and activity log N  = 4 neighborhoods, 27.8% over 55 years old Paved trails Unpaved trails Parks with more facilities and supporting amenities, such as restrooms

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Mitchell McSweeney

programming, their analysis relies heavily on autoethnography to understand the complexities of SFD. While these contributions offer unique insights into the experiences of SFD researcher and practitioner, there is less of a focus on how fieldwork and social interactions may be considered from an ethnographic

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Rajni Rai, Michelle I. Jongenelis, Ben Jackson, Robert U. Newton and Simone Pettigrew

structured to things. I’m retired, I’m not working, and so I’m a bit more flexible now. (F, 73 years, active) Some active participants also reported that engaging in group exercises provided them with an opportunity for social interaction to replace the human contact lost as a result of retirement. This was

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Matthew Katz, Thomas A. Baker III and Hui Du

group norms through social interactions ( Harmeling, Palmatier, Fang, & Wang, 2017 ). For distant sport fans located hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of miles from their favorite teams, finding ways to interact with other fans may prove challenging. Fans may experience a feeling of social

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Matthew Katz, Bob Heere and E. Nicole Melton

type of relationship—sport consumers satisfy those elements. Scholars have long noted that social interaction ( Trail & James, 2001 ) and personal relationships ( McPherson, 1976 ) motivate individuals to become fans, and we aimed to extend that discourse by explicitly examining the ego networks of

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Brent D. Oja, Henry T. Wear and Aaron W. Clopton

unlikely to generate sustainable intangible benefits ( Chalip, 2006 ). By using an event to bring citizens together to promote social interaction (i.e., social capital), the distinction of the community (i.e., social identity), and the pride and excitement of the event and city (i.e., psychic income), a

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James Du, Heather Kennedy, Jeffrey D. James and Daniel C. Funk

participants evaluate their overall experience by examining the benefits sought and acquired throughout the event lifecycle, including experiences outside of traditional managerial control leading up to the race-day competition (e.g., social interaction facilitated through preparing and training prior to

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Ken Lodewyk and Lauren McNamara

students to engage in meaningful social interactions and positive physically active play ( London, Westrich, Stokes-Guinan, & McLaughlin, 2015 ; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2010 ; Vaillancourt et al., 2010 ). These social interactions, levels of physical activity, and recess preferences often vary by