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Joel Garrett, Stuart R. Graham, Roger G. Eston, Darren J. Burgess, Lachlan J. Garrett, John Jakeman and Kevin Norton

adaptation and induce undue fatigue during the recovery period. 2 Due to its robust nature in both reliability and validity, 3 , 4 the countermovement jump (CMJ) test has become accepted as the reference standard test for monitoring NMF status within high-performance sport environments. However, evidence

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Kevin S. Spink and Kayla Fesser

humans look to others for information. In the sport environment, there would be few who would dispute that players look to the coach for information. Given the coach’s legitimate power ( French & Raven, 1959 ; Turman, 2006 ), the coach could easily make a request to the players to provide corrective

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Emily Kroshus, Sara P.D. Chrisman, David Coppel and Stanley Herring

, 2015 ; Steinfeldt & Steinfeldt, 2012 ; Wiese-Bjornstal, 2010 ). Coaches can create a context in which performance outcomes are highly valued and where traditionally masculine norms characteristic of many sport environments, such as playing through pain and injury, risk-taking, and avoiding help

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Blake D. McLean, Donald Strack, Jennifer Russell and Aaron J. Coutts

parsimonious systems that are both cost and time effective. 42 At the forefront of these challenges are validating new technologies and deriving meaningful information specific to a given sport/environment to enhance preparation of the athlete. Although these challenges are common in many professional sports

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Adam J. Zemski, Shelley E. Keating, Elizabeth M. Broad and Gary J. Slater

) is able to quantify whole body and regional bone mass, FFM, and FM, and is becoming more accessible and popular as a technique to monitor body composition in athletic populations ( Meyer et al., 2013 ; Nana et al., 2015 ). However, DXA does have some limitations for application in an elite sport

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Hayley Perelman, Joanna Buscemi, Elizabeth Dougherty and Alissa Haedt-Matt

others in the sport environment on body dissatisfaction. Given that previous research indicates that males often experience a drive for muscularity as opposed to a drive for thinness, reports of body dissatisfaction in male athletes should be further examined using validated measures that assess drive

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Samuel Ryan, Emidio Pacecca, Jye Tebble, Joel Hocking, Thomas Kempton and Aaron J. Coutts

, this is not possible in professional team sport environments due to time and cost constraints. Therefore, in the case of team sport athlete testing, “signal” refers to individual changes in a monitoring test in response to training stimuli (provided by a valid test), whereas “noise” is represented by

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Francisco Tavares, Martyn Beaven, Júlia Teles, Dane Baker, Phil Healey, Tiaki B. Smith and Matthew Driller

); therefore, changes in these markers reflects a chronic (ie, week to week) exposure to training loads. 28 Another limitation was fact that the temperature used for the CWI (10°C) was not individualized. This approach was necessitated by the practicalities of working in the elite sport environment but should

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Haley Bookbinder, Lindsay V. Slater, Austin Simpson, Jay Hertel and Joseph M. Hart

velocities were chosen based on global positioning data collected from a men’s college soccer season, 21 which better simulated a sport environment for recreationally active individuals compared with the previous fatigue interventions. Future research can be improved by controlling for fitness level and

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Brian J. Foster and Graig M. Chow

understanding how well-being is manifested in a sport environment, and subsequently how it affects athletes’ global well-being. Due to this shortcoming, examples of indicators that have been used to measure sport well-being have included self-esteem ( Adie, Duda, & Ntoumanis, 2008 ), subjective vitality ( Gagné