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Mark A. Feger, Luke Donovan, C. Collin Herb, Geoffrey G. Handsfield, Silvia S. Blemker, Joseph M. Hart, Susan A. Saliba, Mark F. Abel, Joseph S. Park and Jay Hertel

investigation include the relatively small sample size due to the high time demands of the MRI data segmentation process and analysis, the disproportionate number of females (4 out of 5), and the lack of surface electromyography of intrinsic and extrinsic foot and ankle musculature to elucidate the neural and

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Emmanuel Jacobs, Ann Hallemans, Jan Gielen, Luc Van den Dries, Annouk Van Moorsel, Jonas Rutgeerts and Nathalie A. Roussel

performers an identical instruction (maximum of 5 min), but the teacher was not involved in data analysis or reporting. Two exercises were examined in a motion analysis laboratory (M²OCEAN), equipped with an automatic three-dimensional (3D) motion capture system and surface electromyography. Eight Vicon T10

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Hande Guney-Deniz, Gulcan Harput, Ugur Toprak and Irem Duzgun

to report a previous history of participating in overhead sports at a competitive level. Written informed consent was obtained from all participants, as approved by University of Hacettepe Institutional Review Board. Muscle Activation Measurements A surface electromyography (EMG) system (TeleMyo DTS

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Gakuto Kitamura, Hiroshige Tateuchi and Noriaki Ichihashi

): 1543 – 1550 . PubMed ID: 15922766 doi: 10.1016/j.jbiomech.2004.07.013 15922766 15. Jiroumaru T , Kurihara T , Isaka T . Establishment of a recording method for surface electromyography in the iliopsoas muscle . J Electromyogr Kinesiol . 2014 ; 24 ( 4 ): 445 – 451 . PubMed ID: 24768277

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Jason D. Stone, Adam C. King, Shiho Goto, John D. Mata, Joseph Hannon, James C. Garrison, James Bothwell, Andrew R. Jagim, Margaret T. Jones and Jonathan M. Oliver

Muscle activity, as measured by surface electromyography, increased for the biceps femoris and vastus lateralis over successive repetitions. 28 The brief rest afforded within the CS condition allowed a return to baseline muscle activity such that the same phenomenon was observed within each cluster. A

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Jared R. Fletcher and Brian R. MacIntosh

, 18 the ankle was moved through the range of motion at least 4 times prior to beginning data collection. To monitor muscle activation during the passive trial, 2 pairs of surface electromyography (EMG) electrodes (Norotrode 20 Bipolar Ag–AgCl electrodes, Myotronics Inc, Kent, WA; interelectrode

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Natália Barros Beltrão, Camila Ximenes Santos, Valéria Mayaly Alves de Oliveira, André Luiz Torres Pirauá, David Behm, Ana Carolina Rodarti Pitangui and Rodrigo Cappato de Araújo

signals from the vastus lateralis and BF were obtained through simple differential, surface active electrodes, with a 2-cm interelectrode distance, positioned according to the European Recommendations for Surface ElectroMyography guidelines of the SENIAM project. 27 The reference electrode was positioned

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Michael E. Hales and John D. Johnson II

the lead-practitioner attaching surface electromyography (EMG) electrodes to the predetermined sites of the lower extremity. Afterward, the participant ran through the test course at a low-intensity pace for 5 minutes, minus the farmer’s carry and weighted sled pull. This accomplished 2 objectives: (1

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Astrid C.J. Balemans, Han Houdijk, Gilbert R. Koelewijn, Marjolein Piek, Frank Tubbing, Anne Visser-Meily and Olaf Verschuren

volume analyzer was calibrated with a 3-L calibration pump. Muscle Activity Muscle activity was recorded using a wireless bipolar surface electromyography (EMG) system (eMotion Faros; Mega Electronics Ltd, Kuopio, Finland). Surface EMG is a valid measure for muscle activity. 31 The skin was shaved and

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Igor E.J. Magalhães, Rinaldo A. Mezzarane and Rodrigo L. Carregaro

force. The participants were provided with visual feedback from the Biodex System Monitor to enable them to check their exerted level of force. The chair position was recorded on the first visit and replicated in the subsequent days. All procedures were performed by the same investigator. Surface