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Aaron Turner

patterning of the shoulder complex. The aim of the present paper was to aid clinicians in the treatment of similar presentations in their patients. Case Presentation Patient A 20-year-old female, national-level synchronized ice skater with no previous history of shoulder injury sustained a left

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Carolina Menezes Fiorelli, Emmanuel Gomes Ciolac, Lucas Simieli, Fabiana Araújo Silva, Bianca Fernandes, Gustavo Christofoletti and Fabio Augusto Barbieri

in multiple system and not only basal ganglia. 3 The main cognitive impairments happened in working memory, 4 , 5 executive function, 4 visuospatial skills, 5 and sustained attention, 5 , 6 which aggravates motor symptoms. 4 However, in contrast to the motor symptoms caused by the disease

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Jeffrey J. Milroy, Stephen Hebard, Emily Kroshus and David L. Wyrick

seeking is delayed ( Asken, McCrea, Clugston, Snyder, & Houck, 2016 ). At present time, it is estimated that between 12% and 60% of athletes delay seeking care after sustaining a concussion. Differences in sport-related concussion (SRC) care seeking have been attributed to a number of different immutable

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Melissa Davies, Michael L. Naraine and Brandon Mastromartino

became the Phoenix Coyotes. Today’s Winnipeg Jets came to the city as a result of another market that was unable to sustain a professional hockey team. The Atlanta Thrashers had had two attempts at a professional hockey team, but in 2011 the team was sold and moved to Winnipeg. The team opted to embrace

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Dain TePoel

participants are walking for the attainment of the goals espoused by their cause. The effort to attract and sustain media coverage for the cause as a result of the physical activity is a second significant component of physical activism. Physical endurance feats can be designed and exploited to try to

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Deborah Hebling Spinoso, Nise Ribeiro Marques, Dain Patrick LaRoche, Camilla Zamfollini Hallal, Aline Harumi Karuka, Fernanda Cristina Milanezi and Mauro Gonçalves

contractions, and because this study’s estimate was not based on the ability to perform an activity but rather on the ability to walk at a sustainable effort (80% FD). This study is an important first step in developing strength thresholds for each of the major sagittal plane joint actions of the lower

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Daniela Corbetta, Rebecca F. Wiener, Sabrina L. Thurman and Emalie McMahon

-proprioceptive unitary system, infants performed visually-triggered reaches where the sight of the target and the feel of their arm were undifferentiated. From that point on, researchers increasingly reported that infants sustained their visual fixations on the target and did not look at their hand during learning to

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Chantelle Zimmer, Janice Causgrove Dunn and Nicholas L. Holt

children at risk for DCD: (a) they hurt me, (b) it’s hard for me, and (c) I have to. The children talked about experiences in which they sustained psychological and physical harm from their peers, encountered difficulties in performing activities, and felt pressure to meet the teacher’s demands. They Hurt

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Jérôme Vaulerin, Frédéric Chorin, Mélanie Emile, Fabienne d’Arripe-Longueville and Serge S. Colson

observations are emphasized by the results obtained during dynamic balance testing, such as the Star Excursion Balance Test or the newly developed Lower Quarter Y-Balance Test (YBT-LQ), 12 showing that lower performance on these tests increases the odds of sustaining an ankle sprain. 9 , 13 – 17 Limited

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Corey P. Ochs, Melissa C. Kay and Johna K. Register-Mihalik

single game (returned within 7 d) and those who missed at least 1 game. 4 • One study indicated that although there was no change in performance of NFL players upon returning to play from sustained concussion, there was a decline in performance in the 2 weeks before the diagnosed injury and appearing on