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Maggi M. Calo, Thomas Anania, Joseph D. Bello, Valerie A. Cohen, Siobhan C. Stack, Meredith D. Wells, Barbara C. Belyea, Deborah L. King and Jennifer M. Medina McKeon

also been evaluated, but with inconsistent findings of reliability depending on the speed of the movement being evaluated. 17 , 20 – 24 Traditionally, 2D video capture is performed with the recording device fixed to a tripod, and oriented perpendicular to the plane of motion. Advances in technology

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Moira Lafferty and Caroline Wakefield

( MacNamara & Collins, 2010 ). Transitioning into a new team means that athletes have to adjust to different playing and training regimens and a different social standing within that team’s hierarchy ( Crow & Macintosh, 2009 ). Traditionally, this sees them moving from the position of a leader or senior

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Niek Pot, Margaret E. Whitehead and Elizabeth J. Durden-Myers

, 2001 ), but are not the product of different entities. It could be argued that traditional approaches to education are based on a Cartesian view of the world in which physical activities (e.g., physical education, school sports) have the purpose to refresh the mind for the so-called cognitive areas of

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John F. Fitzpatrick, Kirsty M. Hicks and Philip R. Hayes

between traditional arbitrary speed thresholds versus an individualized approach utilizing MAS and MSS with changes in aerobic fitness in professional youth soccer players. Methods Subjects A total of 14 male youth soccer players (age: 17.1 [0.5] y, height: 178.3 [4.6] cm, and body mass: 70.9 [5.8] kg

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Ian M. Greenlund, Piersan E. Suriano, Steven J. Elmer, Jason R. Carter and John J. Durocher

administered to determine the number of hours spent sitting and standing throughout the workday. Office workers that used a standing desk >4 hours per day for a minimum of 8 weeks (desk use 2 [1] y) were classified as chronic standing desk users. Eight weeks is double the traditional 4 weeks minimum allotted

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Melissa L. Breger, Margery J. Holman and Michelle D. Guerrero

is traditionally for men and that women must fit in or that they should appreciate what they have with its historical limitations. Inherent in such thought is the implication that it is only a matter of time when women will “catch up”; or that as outsiders, they are not yet entitled to equity

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Brian A. Eiler, Rosemary Al-Kire, Patrick C. Doyle and Heidi A. Wayment

traditionally employed to study social relationships, network analysis is useful for exploring the structure of relational data more generally (e.g., brain structure and functional connectivity, Sporns, 2011 ; autism and anxiety symptomology, Montazeri, de Bildt, Dekker, & Anderson, 2018 ). We employed this

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Caroline Lisee, Melanie L. McGrath, Christopher Kuenze, Ming Zhang, Matt Salzler, Jeffrey B. Driban and Matthew S. Harkey

which provides preliminary evidence for the assessment’s utility. Traditional manual femoral cartilage thickness segmentation demonstrates good to excellent intrarater and test–retest reliability of medial, lateral, and intercondylar thickness in an expert rater, 3 but interrater reliability with a

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Mehdi Kordi, Martin Evans and Glyn Howatson

influence PPO, there are many challenges that prevent sprint cyclists from engaging in traditional, systematic resistance training and hence reduce the potential to develop maximum strength. These challenges are largely attributable to chronic back injuries, 10 whereby traditional multijoint gym

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Shaina M. Dabbs, Jeffrey A. Graham and Marlene A. Dixon

% ( Brooks, 2015 ). Second, the share of women in the labor force has progressively increased since 1950, reaching 46.8% of the total U.S. labor force ( Toossi & Morisi, 2017 ). Third, scholars have recognized a shift in the traditional “upward climb” career path to a more dynamic, changing, and