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Matthew Juravich and Brian M. Mills

that our inquiry is characterized within the analysis of competitive balance, rather than analysis of uncertainty of outcome. The former attempts to measure the relevance of policy on the distribution of talent (and, in turn, uncertainty over results), whereas the latter focuses on the response fans

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Calvin Nite and Marvin Washington

and television has been checkered with fear, uncertainty, and heated battles over the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) regulative authority. The case of the NCAA and its regulation of televised college football highlights both the success and failure of policy in addressing innovation

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Adam Karg, Heath McDonald and Civilai Leckie

, Solberg and Mehus ( 2014 ) summarize other aspects that impact the trades-offs made between live and media consumption including uncertainty of outcome ( Forrest, Simmonds, & Buriamo, 2005 ; Gratton & Taylor, 2002 ), competitive intensity, star effect ( Brandes, Franck, & Nüesch, 2008 ; Buraimo

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Ryan Adams

longstanding problem for many Irish migrant players. However, echoing the points raised in his ( 2015b ) paper, he highlights how the hyper masculine culture of professional football exacerbates the difficulties that players may have. In an industry characterized by uncertainty and precarious contracts

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Pedro Figueiredo, George P. Nassis and João Brito

training load. Uncertainty of the correlation magnitude: *possibly; **likely; ***very likely; ****almost certain. CL indicates confidence limits; sIgA, salivary secretory immunoglobulin A; s-RPE, session rating of perceived exertion. The sIgA displayed a likely moderate decrease from day 1 to day 2 (Table

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Elizabeth J. Durden-Myers and Margaret E. Whitehead

literacy. In the seventh article, Robinson, Randall, and Barrett ( 2018 ) explore how the initial introduction of physical literacy as well as its subsequent uptake has not been without disagreement and has been marked at times by uncertainty, confusion, or resistance ( Lounsbery & McKenzie, 2015 ). This

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Gregory A. Cranmer and Sara LaBelle

self-disclosure constitutes “any message about the self that a person communicates to another” ( Wheeless & Grotz, 1976 , p. 338), this would include an athlete confiding in a coach that he or she is experiencing concussion symptoms. Grounded in research on uncertainty and information management

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Eddie T.C. Lam

outer layer is made up of a “penumbra of uncertainty” that is regulated by the rules of sport. The next four chapters are devoted to the second theme of this book: causes and sources of sport corruption. The authors of these chapters examine sport corruption in different levels, from individuals, groups

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Simon C. Darnell, Richard Giulianotti, P. David Howe and Holly Collison

sciences. It is most often associated with the writings of Latour, as well as Michel Callon, John Law and Steve Woolgar ( Cressman, 2009 ; Law & Lodge, 1984 ). Here, we discuss some of ANT’s basic premises, before focusing on three of the ‘sources of uncertainty’ that Latour ( 2005 ) uses to situate ANT

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Lisa Price, Katrina Wyatt, Jenny Lloyd, Charles Abraham, Siobhan Creanor, Sarah Dean and Melvyn Hillsdon

is measured. Previous estimates of PA prevalence in children in the United Kingdom are likely to have been overestimated, either as a result of only small sample sizes being available with 7 days of data 12 or through the use of the “average” method. 23 The “average” method creates uncertainty when