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Scott R. Jedlicka

controversial rules and governance structures in sport (amateurism, purity, uncertainty, and autonomy) are outdated, and should be replaced by the contemporary values of professionalism, pragmatism, accountability, and transparency. Before elaborating this argument, however, Pielke addresses its philosophical

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Henk Erik Meier and Cosima von Uechtriz

design follows the standard approaches of empirical sport economics, which have demonstrated that specific quality factors determine the demand for sport entertainment. These quality features are sporting relevance, athletic quality, and uncertainty of outcome ( Borland & MacDonald, 2003 ). Sporting

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Sergio Jiménez-Rubio, Archit Navandar, Jesús Rivilla-García and Victor Paredes-Hernández

anaerobic conditions (70–90 s per set). 3 min 30 s–4 min 30 s 6 Four sets of 4 repetitive actions (without uncertainty) with change of direction and deceleration (total displacements of 8–14 m, total time < 12 s), followed by shooting at a minigoal 12 m away. Rest of 15 s between sets. 1 min 30 s 7 Three

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Velina B. Brackebusch

engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflection to increase knowledge, develop skills, and clarify values” ( Breunig, 2008 , p. 78). Reflexive learning is described as “an educational route of guiding people through the rapid changes, risks, and uncertainties of modernity” ( Emmanuel

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Douglas Booth

Supreme Court that laws upholding segregation were unconstitutional (49). Farred’s burden of over-representation operates as an event through the uncertainties and unpredictabilities associated with politics. The event “cannot be foretold or made to follow a script;” we may “anticipate it but are never

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Laura Misener, Landy Di Lu and Robert Carlisi

uncertainties ( Turner & Shilbury, 2010 ), achieving efficiency and reciprocity ( Alexander, Thibault, & Frisby, 2008 ), and increasing legitimacy ( Babiak, 2007 ). This line of sport management work did not separate broader environmental conditions from more direct antecedents or essential drivers on

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Matthew Juravich and Brian M. Mills

that our inquiry is characterized within the analysis of competitive balance, rather than analysis of uncertainty of outcome. The former attempts to measure the relevance of policy on the distribution of talent (and, in turn, uncertainty over results), whereas the latter focuses on the response fans

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Gustavo Sandri Heidner, Patrick M. Rider, J.C. Mizelle, Caitlin M. O’Connell, Nicholas P. Murray and Zachary J. Domire

frequencies was not tested, and (3) the uncertainty, due to an absence of supporting evidence in the available literature, of the preservation of slow frequency static balance perturbation in trials longer than 30 seconds, as there is some evidence that subjects may adapt their control strategy over the

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Calvin Nite and Marvin Washington

and television has been checkered with fear, uncertainty, and heated battles over the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) regulative authority. The case of the NCAA and its regulation of televised college football highlights both the success and failure of policy in addressing innovation

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Adam Karg, Heath McDonald and Civilai Leckie

, Solberg and Mehus ( 2014 ) summarize other aspects that impact the trades-offs made between live and media consumption including uncertainty of outcome ( Forrest, Simmonds, & Buriamo, 2005 ; Gratton & Taylor, 2002 ), competitive intensity, star effect ( Brandes, Franck, & Nüesch, 2008 ; Buraimo