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Shushu Chen and Laura Misener

motivational factors associated with the London 2012 Olympic Games were linked (albeit weakly) to an increase in sport and physical activity participation among the participants taking part in a legacy program. Although the previous studies have provided some sporadic evidence associated with nonhost regions

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Mathieu Winand, Matthew Belot, Sebastian Merten and Dimitrios Kolyperas

) engage in social media ( Hambrick, Simmons, Greenhalgh, & Greenwell, 2010 ; Mahan, 2011 ; Meng, Stavros, & Westberg, 2015 ; Witkemper, Hoon Lim, & Waldburger, 2012 ), others have considered the impact of social media activity on sport-brand association and management ( Parganas, Anagnostopoulos

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Nicholas Burton and Cheri Bradish

year, the battle for hearts and minds rages on, as well. Perhaps most notable throughout has been the consistent positioning of ambush marketing by sponsorship stakeholders as predatory, parasitic, or illegitimate activity, seemingly intended to influence consumer perceptions of ambushers and to

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Michael Kirkwood, Sheau-Fen Yap and Yingzi Xu

In the sporting arena, the consumption of sport is increasingly moving to the online realm. Online social networks have facilitated extensive interactions and collaborative consumption activities among like-minded fans, leading to the creation of online sport-fan communities ( Hedlund, 2014 ). In

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Brian P. McCullough, Madeleine Orr and Nicholas M. Watanabe

to rise, biomes to shift geographically, and an increase in the frequency and severity of storm activity ( World Metrological Organization, 2018 ). In 2015, the Meeting of the Parties 21 (COP21), also dubbed the Paris Climate Conference, was the most recent in a series of intergovernmental meetings

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Yong Jae Ko, Yonghwan Chang, Wonseok Jang, Michael Sagas and John Otto Spengler

Sport spectating and participation are common leisure-time activities in contemporary society. In the United States, spectatorship is one of the most prominent popular activities with millions of fans enjoying live sporting events on broadcast and cable TV. According to the Nielsen report

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Joyce Olushola Ogunrinde

starts Section 4 on Event Management by providing an overview of the ways tailgaters contribute to environment waste and outlining intervention strategies. Recognizing the role of tailgaters and sport-related activities on the environment, Casper and Bunds tested the air quality in tailgating areas of a

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Melissa James

the content to their own lives. Review questions, activities, video resources, and web resources can be found at the ends of chapters to be used in- or outside of the classroom. This book is intended for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a career in the field of sport management

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Damien Whitburn, Adam Karg and Paul Turner

& Doherty, 2009 ). Although IMC in the for profit landscape is primarily aimed at the purchaser of the product or service ( Burton & Howard, 1999 ), the nature of NPSOs dictate that promotional and communication activities need to be aimed at a wide range of stakeholders ( Hall et al., 2003 ; Worth, 2009

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T. Bettina Cornwell, Steffen Jahn, Hu Xie and Wang Suk Suh

Sponsored sports, events, and activities are social experience offerings as products but are also prized as marketing platforms because they deliver emotional engagement ( Close, Finney, Lacey, & Sneath, 2006 ; Hansen, Halling, & Christensen, 2006 ). Furthermore, passion for sport teams is