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Dustin A. Hahn, Matthew S. VanDyke and R. Glenn Cummins

explored general motives for viewing sports ( Frandsen, 2008 ; Gantz, 1981 ), differentiating motives between men and women ( Gantz & Wenner, 1991 ), the role of personality traits ( Devlin & Brown-Devlin, 2017 ), and sports-specific viewing motives (e.g., mixed martial arts, Cheever, 2009 ) or platform

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Martin J. Turner, Stuart Carrington and Anthony Miller

), cricket ( n  = 1), tennis ( n  = 2), badminton ( n  = 2), gymnastics ( n  = 10), athletics ( n  = 2), squash ( n  = 2), basketball ( n  = 1), golf ( n  = 1), show jumping ( n  = 1), hockey ( n  = 7), mixed martial arts ( n  = 1), paddle boarding ( n  = 1), karate ( n  = 1), rackets ( n  = 1), rugby ( n

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Sarah Burkart, Jasmin Roberts, Matthew C. Davidson and Sofiya Alhassan

conjunction with their engagement in PA. These are similar skills to those encompassed in a martial arts intervention, 12 and it is possible that controlled movement as well as vigorous movement may have alleviative properties. More research is needed to explore this possibility further. One constraint

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Steve M. Smith, Stewart T. Cotterill and Hazel Brown

mixed martial arts fighters. This study was not based on previous theory, and future research attention toward the practice environment is required, such as that undertaken with the high-performance environment model ( Fletcher & Streeter, 2016 ). Future research should seek to confirm the existence of

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Heidi J. Syväoja, Anna Kankaanpää, Jouni Kallio, Harto Hakonen, Janne Kulmala, Charles H. Hillman, Anu-Katriina Pesonen and Tuija H. Tammelin

or Swedish); first foreign language (begun in grade 3); mathematics; physics; chemistry; biology; geography; history; religion or ethics; visual arts; music; and physical education. The grades refer to numerical assessment on a scale of 4–10, where 4 denotes a failure and 10 denotes excellent

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Vassilios Ziakas and Sylvia Trendafilova

Arts Festival Arts and Crafts Show City parks, recreation facilities, trail facilities Organize youth & recreational tournaments Local agencies and groups Note . RORR = Rocket Open Road Race; GORR = Galaxy Open Road Race; CVB = Convention and Visitors Bureau. Profiling the Bikers After having organized

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Lauren B. Raine, John R. Biggan, Carol L. Baym, Brian J. Saliba, Neal J. Cohen and Charles H. Hillman

English, arts, and mathematics. Fitness changes (increase or decrease) were categorized by levels into “substantial,” “moderate,” and “no change.” Not only did a substantial increase in fitness result in greater improvements in academic performance compared with the group that did not change, but

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Sajad Bagherian, Khodayar Ghasempoor, Nader Rahnama and Erik A. Wikstrom

, volleyball = 12, and martial arts = 8) were defined as students who participated in intercollege sports, were currently in their off-season, and were training at least 3 times per week (>1.5 h/wk). All participants were currently free from any kind of musculoskeletal injury, had not sustained any kind of

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John B. Nezlek, Marzena Cypryańska, Piotr Cypryański, Karolina Chlebosz, Karolina Jenczylik, Joanna Sztachańska and Anna M. Zalewska

done aerobics, yoga, and martial arts. Finally, we asked participants to answer two questions about the progress they made during the week: “How much progress did you make last week in reference to your running goals or plans?” and “How satisfied were you with this progress?” Both responses were made

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Laurel W. Sheffield and Lauren A. Stutts

-experimental design. Upon IRB approval, both Division I athlete and non-Division I athlete participants were recruited via an email to the entire student body (approximately 2,000 students) at a small liberal arts college in the southeastern region of the United States. In order to achieve the targeted ratio of