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International Sport Coaching Journal


for coach development? Ten coaches at an elite sport school in Norway attended the program over a season, and afterwards they were asked whether the learning material had contributed to their knowledge of need-supportive skills. Thematic analysis of the interviews revealed visualization, awareness

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Martin J. Turner, Stuart Carrington and Anthony Miller

Elite Sport,” 2017 ). Some authors ( Hughes & Leavey, 2012 ) posit that athletes are at greater risk of mental illness due to the contextual demands of sport such as the requirement for high effort, great investment of time, and high exertion of energy, leading to loss of autonomy and disempowerment

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Claire-Marie Roberts and Jacky Forsyth

performance psychology support. In addition, the unique quandary of female athletes who decide to become a mother during an athletic career creates a significant interruption to their career trajectory, bringing with it a unique set of demands that requires coping processes to allow a return to elite sport

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Laura St. Germain, Amanda M. Rymal and David J. Hancock

Elite sport performance has captured the attention of sport science researchers for several decades. During this period of intense investigation, researchers have identified many factors that influence the development of elite performance. Ericsson, Krampe, and Tesch-Römer ( 1993 ), for instance

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Shannon O’Donnell, Christopher M. Beaven and Matthew Driller

range of other psychological and physiological variables that highlight the difficulty in assessing the relationship between performance and napping. Furthermore, applied research in the elite sport setting can be somewhat difficult, with some coaches being reluctant to add any distractions, especially

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Adam Grainger, Paul Comfort and Shane Heffernan

WBC following “elite” RU training recovery 13 and therefore warrants investigation. As the majority of rugby research on this topic has focused on WBC, investigating PBC is warranted, particularly considering that it is of more practical tool for elite sport due to cost and portability. Therefore

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Richard J. Keegan, Lisa M. Barnett, Dean A. Dudley, Richard D. Telford, David R. Lubans, Anna S. Bryant, William M. Roberts, Philip J. Morgan, Natasha K. Schranz, Juanita R. Weissensteiner, Stewart A. Vella, Jo Salmon, Jenny Ziviani, Anthony D. Okely, Nalda Wainwright and John R. Evans

informing the scientific discourse ( Feyerabend, 1975 ; Lakatos, 1970 ). As this research was associated with a national implementation project, the resulting definition and framework had to be amenable with immediate adoption and implementation in Australian schools, community sport settings, elite sport

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Christoph Szedlak, Matthew J. Smith, Bettina Callary and Melissa C. Day

authentic, based on the criteria of relevance, accuracy and credibility. The vignette focused on one main character (Pete), who was an experienced S&C coach. The plot of the vignette included three parts that outlined Pete’s learning about what constitutes impactful S&C coaching practice in an elite sport

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Fraser Carson, Julia Walsh, Luana C. Main and Peter Kremer

). Coaching in high performance sport is complex, with long-term employment dependent on results, player satisfaction and supporter happiness. These coaches are forced to deal with the often uncontrollable, unpredictable, complex and nonlinear nature of elite sport, which can subject them to significant

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Stephen Frawley, Daniel Favaloro and Nico Schulenkorf

.1.67 Fletcher , D. , & Arnold , R. ( 2015 ). Performance leadership and management in elite sport: Current status and future directions . In S. Andersen , B. Houlihan , & L.T. Ronglan (Eds.), Managing elite sport systems: Research and practice (pp.  162 – 181 ). Abingdon, UK : Routledge