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Wendy Y. Huang, Stephen H.S. Wong, Cindy H.P. Sit, Martin C.S. Wong, Raymond K.W. Sum, Sam W.S. Wong and Jane J. Yu

activity participation together at least once per week. 2 17.3% of fathers and 15.1% of mothers report exercise habits of ≥3 times per week. 10 School C 77% of primary schools have physical education (PE) class for 70-120 minutes per week. 11 70% of schools have a physical activity related policy (28% with

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Monna Arvinen-Barrow, Kelsey DeGrave, Stephen Pack and Brian Hemmings

( Taylor & Ogilvie, 1994 ). Cricket as Part of Life For the participants, cricket had formed a significant part of their life since childhood. The participants had fathers who had played county level cricket, and they recalled living in immediate vicinity to a cricket ground: “I’d spend all my, my time in

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Kim Gammage, Rachel Arnold, Nicole Bolter, Lori Dithurbide, Karl Erickson, Blair Evans, Larkin Lamarche, Sean Locke, Eric Martin and Kathleen Wilson

across participants in every socioeconomic background, one theme emerged that was more prominent in the economically advantaged parents. Specifically, parents—and typically fathers—engaged in deep involvement, or involvement that exceeded the standard norm of participation, in the form of attending every

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Jason Laurendeau

sunglasses while backcountry camping. We are with two other friends, both, like Quinn, new to backcountry camping; all four of us are stopped in our tracks by the Bear Grass in full bloom right now. Quinn and I jump into the glacier-fed lake in a moment of father–son revelry that is sometimes difficult to

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Elizabeth A. Taylor, Jessica L. Siegele, Allison B. Smith and Robin Hardin

the lives of women. Traditionally, men and fathers are asked to provide financially for their family and to provide the discipline for children ( Coakley, 2006 ; Graham & Dixon, 2014 ), whereas women are expected to provide extensive childcare as well as completion of most household duties (e

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Robin D. Taylor, Howie J. Carson and Dave Collins

identity were novel high-order themes (see Table  1 ). We now present these data by theme. Table 1 Case-Based Representation of Potential Mechanisms That Support TD Monozygotic twins (M)—Exemplar raw data codes M = Mother/F = Father/T = Twin Overarching themes: Subthemes Dizygotic twins (D)—Exemplar raw

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Anne M. Merrem and Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

Shaped Heidi and Lisa’s Perspectives and Practices Acculturation Heidi and Lisa’s subjective warrants for PE and PETE clearly had their roots in their acculturation. Both were initially attracted to the profession by a love of sport that was modeled and instilled primarily by their fathers. For example

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Katherine A. Tamminen, Kaleigh Ferdinand Pennock and Courtney Braun

athletes were not included in the analysis of the change in scores between Time 1 and Time 2. Fifty parents (20 fathers, 30 mothers) attended the workshop presentations and completed baseline surveys at Time 1. Online surveys were e-mailed to parents at Time 2 and Time 3; only 13 parents completed surveys

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Jenn M. Jacobs and Thomas Templin

. For example, it did not appear the civil rights movement, educational movements or events, or government policy served as the explicit impetus for Don’s “magic” with youth. However, his passion for helping kids with challenges clearly motivated the “father of TPSR.” His focus was on nurturing others

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Kassi A. Boyd and Donna L. Goodwin

; Davis & Carter, 2008 ; Martins et al., 2013 ). Researchers who explored the role of grandparents in families experiencing autism found that positive parent–child relationships (i.e., between the parents of children with autism and their own mothers and fathers) are often associated with decreased