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Deborah Hebling Spinoso, Nise Ribeiro Marques, Dain Patrick LaRoche, Camilla Zamfollini Hallal, Aline Harumi Karuka, Fernanda Cristina Milanezi and Mauro Gonçalves

muscle strength between the tested joint angles so that FD could be calculated across the gait cycle using angle-specific strength values. Gait Biomechanics The evaluation of gait was conducted on a walkway measuring 14-m long and 2-m wide and involved two gait speed conditions. Habitual gait speed

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Zakariya Nawasreh, David Logerstedt, Adam Marmon and Lynn Snyder-Mackler

the motion analysis of gait, patients in the 2 groups did not differ in the response to the perturbation training. Both groups walked with more knee joint motion during loading response and midstance intervals of the gait cycle and had higher external knee-flexion moment of the involved limb after

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Jennifer K. Sansom and Beverly D. Ulrich

relatively rigid posture throughout the gait cycle. Due to the mechanical constraints imposed by crutches on users and increases in upper arm muscular activation, energy consumption rates for adolescents with MMC using crutches have been found to be greater compared with unaided ambulation and typical

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Ross Armstrong, Christopher Michael Brogden and Matt Greig

of our study. Previous research has demonstrated a negative correlation between higher fatigue scores and the peak of the vertical component of ground reaction force and that muscle fatigue may be associated with reduced proprioception in lower limb muscles during the gait cycle in Ehlers

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Leah S. Goudy, Brandon Rhett Rigby, Lisa Silliman-French and Kevin A. Becker

the natural movement of a horse during its gait cycle ( Rigby et al., 2015 ). The device typically consists of a saddle-like platform to sit on, handlebars to grasp onto, and stirrups to safely secure the feet. Most simulators can reproduce the horse’s motion during a walking cadence and can vary the

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Christopher P. Connolly, Jordana Dahmen, Robert D. Catena, Nigel Campbell and Alexander H.K. Montoye

. , . . . Ghasemzadeh , H. ( 2019 ). CyclePro: A robust framework for domain-agnostic gait cycle detection . IEEE Sensors Journal, 19 ( 10 ), 3751 – 3762 . doi:10.1109/JSEN.2019.2893225 10.1109/JSEN.2019.2893225 McCrory , J.L. , Chambers , A.J. , Daftary , A. , & Redfern , M.S. ( 2014 ). The pregnant

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Jianwei Duan, Kuan Wang, Tongbo Chang, Lejun Wang, Shengnian Zhang and Wenxin Niu

.S. , & Bakheit , A.M.O. ( 2006 ). Comparison of three definitions of the mid-stance and mid-swing events of the gait cycle in children . Disability and Rehabilitation, 28 ( 10 ), 625 – 628 . PubMed ID: 16690575 doi:10.1080/09638280500276448 10.1080/09638280500276448 Grecu , D. , Pucalev , I. , Negru

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Moataz Eltoukhy, Christopher Kuenze, Jeonghoon Oh, Eryn Apanovitch, Lauren Butler and Joseph F. Signorile

, Multon F , Aubin CE , Meunier J , Raison M . Detection of gait cycles in treadmill walking using a Kinect . Gait Posture . 2015 ; 41 ( 2 ): 722 – 725 . PubMed ID: 25442670 doi:10.1016/j.gaitpost.2014.08.006 10.1016/j.gaitpost.2014.08.006 25442670 42. Xu X , McGorry RW , Chou LS

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Keishi Soga, Keita Kamijo and Hiroaki Masaki

coupled to gait cycle phase during treadmill walking . Neuroimage, 54 ( 2 ), 1289 – 1296 . PubMed doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2010.08.066 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2010.08.066 Herzmann , G. , Jin , M. , Cordes , D. , & Curran , T. ( 2012 ). A within-subject ERP and fMRI investigation of orientation

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Christopher Napier, Christopher L. MacLean, Jessica Maurer, Jack E. Taunton and Michael A. Hunt

, respectively. 32 Initial contact and toe-off events were identified by a vertical ground reaction force threshold of 50 N and were used to determine the stance and swing phases of the gait cycle. Kinetic variables were normalized to body weight (BW). The study limb was chosen based on the criteria described