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Michelle A. Sandrey and Jonathan G. Mitzel


Core training specifically for track and field athletes is vague, and it is not clear how it affects dynamic balance and core-endurance measures.


To determine the effects of a 6-week core-stabilization-training program for high school track and field athletes on dynamic balance and core endurance.




High school in north central West Virginia.


Thirteen healthy high school student athletes from 1 track and field team volunteered for the study.


Subjects completed pretesting 1 wk before data collection. They completed a 6-wk core-stabilization program designed specifically for track and field athletes. The program consisted of 3 levels with 6 exercises per level and lasted for 30 min each session 3 times per week. Subjects progressed to the next level at 2-wk intervals. After 6 wk, posttesting was conducted

Main Outcome Measures:

The subjects were evaluated using the Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT) for posteromedial (PM), medial (M), and anteromedial (AM) directions; abdominal-fatigue test (AFT); back-extensor test (BET); and side-bridge test (SBT) for the right and left sides.


Posttest results significantly improved for all 3 directions of the SEBT (PM, M, and AM), AFT, BET, right SBT, and left SBT. Effect size was large for all variables except for PM and AM, where a moderate effect was noted. Minimal-detectable-change scores exceeded the error of the measurements for all dependent variables.


After the 6-wk core-stabilization-training program, measures of the SEBT, AFT, BET, and SBT improved, thus advocating the use of this core-stabilization-training program for track and field athletes.

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Influence of Refinement on Female Junior High School Students’ Volleyball Practice Success and Achievement Tracy L. Pellett * Joyce M. Harrison * 10 1995 15 1 41 52 10.1123/jtpe.15.1.41 The Influence of a Teacher’s Specific, Congruent, and Corrective Feedback on Female Junior High School Students

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Instructional Behaviors Terry Rupert * Craig Buschner * 10 1989 9 9 1 1 49 49 57 57 10.1123/jtpe.9.1.49 Improving Physical Fitness in High School Students: Implications from an Experimental Course Annette Phillipp * Neill F. Piland * Jerry Seidenwurm * Howard L. Smith * 10 1989 9 9 1 1 58 58 73 73

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. Toriola * 1 2012 31 1 39 55 10.1123/jtpe.31.1.39 The Influence of Relative Age Effect in the Assessment of High School Students in Physical Education in the United Kingdom Simon J. Roberts * Stuart J. Fairclough * 1 2012 31 1 56 70 10.1123/jtpe.31.1.56 Effects of Play Practice on Teaching Table Tennis

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Female Swimmer: A Case Study Claire-Marie Roberts * 2 1 12 20 10.1123/cssep.2017-0011 cssep.2017-0011 EDITORIAL Virtual Reality and Sport Psychology: Implications for Applied Practice Stewart T. Cotterill 2 1 21 22 10.1123/cssep.2018-0002 cssep.2018-0002 CASE STUDY 3 An Online Program for High School

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Portrayals of Women Golfers in the 2008 Issues of Golf Digest Nicolas Apostolis * Audrey R. Giles * 6 2011 28 2 226 238 10.1123/ssj.28.2.226 High School Students’ Attitudes Toward Providing Girls Opportunities to Participate in Sport Marni Brown * Erin Ruel * Stephanie Medley-Rath * 6 2011 28 2 239

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