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Benjamin H. Nam, Sangback Nam, Adam Love, Takuya Hayakawa, Rachael C. Marshall and Kyung Su Jung

). Following Korean independence from Japan in August 1945, the Korean peninsula was divided into two different nations with contrasting political ideologies. North Korea adopted communism, following the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc, while South Korea pursued capitalism, following the United States and

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Lauren Burch, Matthew Zimmerman and Beth Fielding Lloyd

perceptions of the club’s status as a possible stakeholder in Catalan nationalism and independence. Responding to unrest in the wake of a referendum vote on Catalan independence, Barca requested postponement of its next game, which La Liga refused. The club’s decision to play the game in an empty stadium is

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Jerred Junqi Wang

from the perspective of consumer culture. The ideals of patriotism, independence, and citizenship, traditionally highlighted in the adult market, were effectively transplanted into the child market. Turpin points out that this transition was a pivotal step, marking a new era in the U.S. bicycle

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Lorenzo Lolli, Alan M. Batterham, Gregory MacMillan, Warren Gregson and Greg Atkinson

supplemented by conventional Pearson correlation coefficients, despite there being fewer than 30 participants in each sample. This mismatch between sample size and the appropriate statistical model violates the assumption of independence of observations and leads to both biased and overly precise statistical

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Tom Kane

assessment of the coverage, quality methods, effectiveness, and independence of the statistics, evaluation, research, and analysis efforts of the agency for identifying and addressing policy questions relevant to the programs, policies, and regulations of the agency (Act § 101(c)(3), 5 U.S.C. § 306(a)(9

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Stephen Crowcroft, Katie Slattery, Erin McCleave and Aaron J. Coutts

( P  < .05) and the quasi-likelihood under independence model criterion decreased. 21 The predictive probability value of the mean response was calculated automatically in SPSS from the strongest models to assess the probability of both improvements and decrements in performance from the athlete

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Annette J. Raynor, Fiona Iredale, Robert Crowther, Jane White and Julie Dare

Contemporary healthy aging strategies focus on supporting individuals to “age in place,” by maintaining their level of independence for as long as possible. Key to this is encouraging older people to be physically active, given that physical activity and exercise are associated with improved

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Katie Teller, Mark Abbey-Lambertz, Nasira Sharma, Alan Waite, Scott Ickes and Jason A. Mendoza

street. It helped them a lot. Convenience WSB made mornings more convenient because parents did not have to drive children to school. . . . it just let me get them out the door . . . and then I could get ready myself and get to the office a bit quicker. Responsibility/independence/motivation Parents

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Giovanni Mario Pes, Maria Pina Dore, Alessandra Errigo and Michel Poulain

levels of physical activity and maintenance of physical functionality and independence is currently recognized; however, to our knowledge, studies specifically addressing the relationship between physical activity and exceptional longevity are scarce ( Frisard et al., 2007 ; Tiainen, Raitanen, Vaara

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Margaret Delaney, Meghan Warren, Brian Kinslow, Hendrik de Heer and Kathleen Ganley

, activity limitations, and participation restrictions” ( World Health Organization, 2002 ). This study will primarily focus on activity limitations and participation restrictions. Disability predicts loss of independence, institutionalization, and increased mortality in the older adult (aged >65 years