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Matti Hyvärinen, Sarianna Sipilä, Janne Kulmala, Harto Hakonen, Tuija H. Tammelin, Urho M. Kujala, Vuokko Kovanen and Eija K. Laakkonen

Performance Tests A set of laboratory measurements including a 6-min walk test (6MWT), maximal isometric knee extension test (KE), vertical jump test (VJ), and maximal isometric hand grip test (GF) to assess cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness were performed during the laboratory visit. However, some

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Jennifer Sygo, Alicia Kendig Glass, Sophie C. Killer and Trent Stellingwerff

). Sensory motor learning: Developing a kinaesthetic sense in the throw . New Studies in Athletics, 21 ( 1 ), 51 – 56 . Loturco , I. , Pereira , L.A. , Cal Abad , C.C. , D’Angelo , R.A. , Fernandes , V. , Kitamura , K. , . . . Nakamura , F.Y. ( 2015 ). Vertical and horizontal jump tests

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Jakob Tarp, Anna Bugge, Niels Christian Møller, Heidi Klakk, Christina Trifonov Rexen, Anders Grøntved and Niels Wedderkopp

attempts on an analogue handgrip dynamometer (Smedley’s dynamometer; Scandidact, Odder, Denmark) while standing. The dynamometer was adjusted to hand size. The result was divided by body weight for analysis. 20 Muscular power was measured by a vertical jump test as the highest vertical displacement (in

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Maggi M. Calo, Thomas Anania, Joseph D. Bello, Valerie A. Cohen, Siobhan C. Stack, Meredith D. Wells, Barbara C. Belyea, Deborah L. King and Jennifer M. Medina McKeon

vertical jump test Prior to testing, each participant performed three trials of a maximal vertical jump (one-footed take-off) on a Vertec (JumpUSA, Sunnyvale, CA). The trial with the highest jump was recorded and used to set a target for the DVJ task. This target was adjusted for each participant as a

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Danny Lum and Tiago M. Barbosa

time (0.76%) Paavolainen et al 29 Running 2–3 sessions/wk for 9 wk HPT: 5–10 × 20–100 m sprint, 5–20 × alternative jumps, bilateral CMJ, drop and hurdle jump, 1-legged 5 jump test, leg press, knee extensor, and flexor exercise PT: ↓ 5-km run time (3.1%) Paton and Hopkins 44 Cycling 2–3 sessions/wk for

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Angus A. Leahy, Narelle Eather, Jordan J. Smith, Charles H. Hillman, Philip J. Morgan, Ronald C. Plotnikoff, Michael Nilsson, Sarah A. Costigan, Michael Noetel and David R. Lubans

-specific VO 2 max values, and classify students in relation to criterion-based CRF zones ( 30 ). Secondary Outcomes Health-Related Fitness Upper body muscular endurance was assessed using a modified push-up test (push-ups completed) and lower body muscular power was assessed using a standing long jump test

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Rose M. Angell, Stephen A. Butterfield, Shihfen Tu, E. Michael Loovis, Craig A. Mason and Christopher J. Nightingale

mechanical adjustments or postural alterations (i.e., transporting one’s body mass; see Sporiš et al., 2014 ; Yusof et al., 2013 ). Therefore, studies using hopping and jumping tests often produce significant differences between those with high BMI scores and their peers with normal weight. This is

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Feng-Tzu Chen, Su-Ru Chen, I-Hua Chu, Jen-Hao Liu and Yu-Kai Chang

was measured using the sit-and-reach test, in which the given participant would sit on the floor and then extend his or her hands as far as possible toward his or her feet in order to determine the participant’s lower back and hamstring flexibility. Power was assessed using the vertical jump test

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Brendan T. O’Keeffe, Alan E. Donnelly and Ciaran MacDonncha

jump test. The participant stood on an Atreq ® Jump Mat (Dewsbury, UK) behind the starting line and was instructed to push off vigorously and jump as far as possible. Following 3 submaximal practice trials, the test was repeated twice, and the best score was retained to the nearest centimeter as the

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K. Katsikari, Eleni Bassa, Dimitrios Skoufas, Savvas Lazaridis, Christos Kotzamanidis and Dimitrios A. Patikas

poor indicator of reactive strength? Int J Sports Physiol Perform . 2018 ; 13 : 802 – 9 . PubMed ID: 29182434 doi: 10.1123/ijspp.2017-0511 19. Hewett TE , Myer GD , Ford KR , Slauterbeck JR . Preparticipation physical examination using a box drop vertical jump test in young athletes