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Leonardo Ruiz, Judy L. Van Raalte, Thaddeus France and Al Petitpas

; Zirin, 2005 ). It has been suggested that the academy system leaves players unprepared in terms of the life skills and resources needed to transition to productive, socially healthy lives after sport ( Danish, Petitpas, & Hale, 1993 ; Schlossberg, 1981 ; Taylor & Olgivie, 1994 ). Theoretical and

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Caterina Pesce, Ilaria Masci, Rosalba Marchetti, Giuseppe Vannozzi and Mirko Schmidt

conceptual framework for life skills interventions . The Counseling Psychologist, 20 , 1 – 28 . doi:10.1177/0011000012462073 Horn , T.S. , & Weiss , M.R. ( 1991 ). A developmental analysis of children’s self-ability judgements in the physical domain . Pediatric Exercise Science, 3 , 310 – 326

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Lyndsay M.C. Hayhurst, Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom and Emma Arksey

acknowledge various “pieces” of the global gender-focused SDP work being conducted by their regional and local partners in the field (such as the RNGO—and, by association—the LNGO). Specifically, through the INGO’s Curriculum, program partners take up terms such as “life skills”, “economic empowerment” and

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Daniel Gould

that must be addressed, such as identifying the most effective ways to teach values and life skills to young athletes. This is important because a national survey of youth sport parents conducted by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) revealed that the majority of Americans expect their children to

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Allyson C. Hartzell and Marlene A. Dixon

set of masculine subroles, which included resource allocation, conflict management, strategic decision making, motivation, and inspiration, was viewed as highly important for athletic directors and significantly less important for other positions (compliance and life skills coordinators). Another set

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Lindley McDavid, Meghan H. McDonough, Bonnie T. Blankenship and James M. LeBreton

program stations and talking with youth between stations). Session 2 introduced the primary emphases of the PYD program including teaching the character building curriculum (i.e., how to show kindness, fairness, courage, and care), engaging in positive social interactions, gaining life skills, and

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Jill L. McNitt-Gray

a common goal. Successful pursuits often require trust, teamwork, listening, problem solving, perseverance, and patience throughout the process. These life skills are also the same skills needed to conduct innovative research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, and

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Michelle L. Bartlett, Mitch Abrams, Megan Byrd, Arial S. Treankler and Richard Houston-Norton

to understand anger differences between athletes and non-athletes, it is also vital to be able to apply that information towards benefitting individual health and well-being. The aforementioned results show differences in anger levels based on gender. Programming regarding life skill development at

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E. Whitney G. Moore and Karen Weiller-Abels

contexts for youth social-emotional and life skill development by first providing youth with a safe space where they feel cared for ( Hellison, 2011 ; Hellison & Cutforth, 1997 ). Although, primarily implemented to support development of youth in at risk areas, the current study adds to previous studies

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Nele Huys, Vicky Van Stappen, Samyah Shadid, Marieke De Craemer, Odysseas Androutsos, Jaana Lindström, Konstantinos Makrilakis, Maria S. de Sabata, Luis Moreno, Pilar De Miguel-Etayo, Violeta Iotova, Imre Rurik, Yannis Manios, Greet Cardon and on behalf of the Feel4Diabetes-Study Group

J , Uiters E . The relationship between health, education, and health literacy: results from the Dutch adult literacy and life skills survey . J Health Commun . 2013 ; 18 : 172 – 184 . PubMed ID: 24093354 doi:10.1080/10810730.2013.825668 10.1080/10810730.2013.825668 49. Schillinger D