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Anne Delextrat, Sinead Mackessy, Luis Arceo-Rendon, Aaron Scanlan, Roger Ramsbottom and Julio Calleja-Gonzalez

serial loading avoids the GI disturbances usually reported with such doses ingested acutely ( Burke & Pyne, 2007 ). In addition, capsules were preferred to powder to mask the taste of the substances ingested and allow blinding of the participants to the experimental conditions. Capsules were consumed in

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Matthew Pearce, David H. Saunders, Peter Allison and Anthony P. Turner

those from less deprived areas in the sample—characteristics of those reported to have more restricted outdoor time. 6 , 35 – 37 The fact that this sample had relatively high activity levels and low deprivation may mask context-specific barriers to physical activity for the wider population. Strengths

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Scott E. Crouter, Paul R. Hibbing and Samuel R. LaMunion

criterion measure. The oxygen consumption (VO 2 ) data were averaged over one-minute periods and converted to EE (MET y  = activity VO 2 divided by measured RMR). A cutoff of <1.5 MET y was used to identify minutes of SB. All minutes of the free-living measurement were used, except when the mask was

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Jo Welsman and Neil Armstrong

elsewhere in this issue ( 2 ), we observed that a significant age effect masks a more specific effect for changes in fatness relative to overall body mass, that is, reflecting lean body mass. If we also include sum of triceps and subscapular skinfold thickness as a covariate in our example of 11- to 16-year

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Robin Healy, Ian C. Kenny and Andrew J. Harrison

. Practitioners should also be wary of directly comparing athletes’ RSI or RSR values or using RSI or RSR group normative values, as aggregate scores may mask valuable information about individual strategies. Consequently, values should always be presented with the corresponding CTs and JHs or FTs to give greater

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Andreas Apostolidis, Vassilis Mougios, Ilias Smilios, Johanna Rodosthenous and Marios Hadjicharalambous

, prior to the 15-minute half-time interval. Blood sampling, BP measurement, and a third battery of CMJ and RT tests were repeated right before and after the third 22.5-minute period. After that, the participants were connected to the gas analyzer by putting on a face mask and embarked on the fourth

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Stephen M. Glass, Christopher K. Rhea, Matthew W. Wittstein, Scott E. Ross, John P. Florian and F.J. Haran

hypermetropia (ie, images become severely blurred and unfocused) and the eye loses about two-thirds of its refractive power. 13 , 14 Diving masks restore the air-to-cornea interface allowing for high underwater acuity; however, they produce a refraction at their outer surface, which results in a narrowing of

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Tania Pereira, John Durocher and Jamie Burr

using a 3-L cylinder syringe. During data collection, the volume of expired air was measured using an optical turbine connected to the mask, whereas O 2 and CO 2 were measured via sampling lines that attach the facemask to the analyzer (Figure  1 ). Breath-by-breath data were recorded and uploaded for

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Richard J. Boergers, Thomas G. Bowman, Nicole Sgherza, Marguerite Montjoy, Melanie Lu and Christopher W. O’Brien

( 1 ): 42 – 48 . PubMed ID: 24377964 doi:10.4085/1062-6050-48.6.11 10.4085/1062-6050-48.6.11 24377964 11. Swartz E , Mihalik J , Beltz N , Day M , Decoster L . Face mask removal is safer than helmet removal for emergent airway access in American football . Spine J . 2014 ; 14 : 996

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Elizabeth F. Teel, Stephen W. Marshall, L. Gregory Appelbaum, Claudio L. Battaglini, Kevin A. Carneiro, Kevin M. Guskiewicz, Johna K. Register-Mihalik and Jason P. Mihalik

for a respiratory mask, and seat height was adjusted for proper pedaling mechanics on the cycle ergometer. Participants underwent the earliest stages of the CPET following a warm-up at no resistance to minimize any learning effect associated with subsequent CPET administrations. Test sessions were