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Mads S. Larsen, Dagmar Clausen, Astrid Ank Jørgensen, Ulla R. Mikkelsen and Mette Hansen

during the study period. The subjects were blinded to the content of the presleep beverages. To mask the content, each drink (protein and carbohydrate) came in two flavors (protein: apple and grapefruit; carbohydrate: berry and pomegranate). Each subject received the same flavored drink every night by

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Stephen M. Glass, Christopher K. Rhea, Matthew W. Wittstein, Scott E. Ross, John P. Florian and F.J. Haran

hypermetropia (ie, images become severely blurred and unfocused) and the eye loses about two-thirds of its refractive power. 13 , 14 Diving masks restore the air-to-cornea interface allowing for high underwater acuity; however, they produce a refraction at their outer surface, which results in a narrowing of

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Astrid C.J. Balemans, Han Houdijk, Gilbert R. Koelewijn, Marjolein Piek, Frank Tubbing, Anne Visser-Meily and Olaf Verschuren

. Participants were allowed to fidget but not walk around during the standing position. Oxygen Consumption A face mask was placed around the mouth and nose to measure gas exchange. Oxygen consumption ( V ˙ O 2 ) and the production of carbon dioxide ( V ˙ CO 2 ) were measured using a respirometer (MetaMax 3B

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Nenad Ponorac, Mira Popović, Dea Karaba-Jakovljević, Zorislava Bajić, Aaron Scanlan, Emilija Stojanović and Dragan Radovanović

addition, as an acute-phase protein, serum ferritin may be increased by physical activity, inflammation, and disease, masking actual ID ( Malczewska et al., 2000a ). Nevertheless, ID is still regarded as one of the most widespread nutrient deficiencies affecting almost 50% of the global population

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Andreas Apostolidis, Vassilis Mougios, Ilias Smilios, Johanna Rodosthenous and Marios Hadjicharalambous

, prior to the 15-minute half-time interval. Blood sampling, BP measurement, and a third battery of CMJ and RT tests were repeated right before and after the third 22.5-minute period. After that, the participants were connected to the gas analyzer by putting on a face mask and embarked on the fourth

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Jo Welsman and Neil Armstrong

elsewhere in this issue ( 2 ), we observed that a significant age effect masks a more specific effect for changes in fatness relative to overall body mass, that is, reflecting lean body mass. If we also include sum of triceps and subscapular skinfold thickness as a covariate in our example of 11- to 16-year

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Haresh T. Suppiah, Chee Yong Low, Gabriel Choong and Michael Chia

electroencephalographic sensor (Zeo, Newton, MA) that was configured to obtain real-time objective sleep measures. 22 This system has been validated against an in-laboratory polysomnograpy. 23 For the nap, participants were ushered into a darkened room and allowed to nap with the assistance of earplugs and eye masks

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Julie Masurier, Marie-Eve Mathieu, Stephanie Nicole Fearnbach, Charlotte Cardenoux, Valérie Julian, Céline Lambert, Bruno Pereira, Martine Duclos, Yves Boirie and David Thivel

above 1.02 and/or a plateau of VO 2 ( Rowland, 1996 ). An electromagnetically braked cycle ergometer (Ergoline, Bitz, Germany) was used to perform the test. VO 2 and VCO 2 were measured breath-by-breath through a mask connected to O 2 and CO 2 analyzers (Oxycon Pro-Delta; Jaeger, Hoechberg, Germany

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Anne Delextrat, Sinead Mackessy, Luis Arceo-Rendon, Aaron Scanlan, Roger Ramsbottom and Julio Calleja-Gonzalez

serial loading avoids the GI disturbances usually reported with such doses ingested acutely ( Burke & Pyne, 2007 ). In addition, capsules were preferred to powder to mask the taste of the substances ingested and allow blinding of the participants to the experimental conditions. Capsules were consumed in

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Nili Steinberg, Roger Adams, Moshe Ayalon, Nadav Dotan, Shiri Bretter and Gordon Waddington

. Although both conditions eliminate visual feedback, in the WB AMEDA testing the participants could follow the natural anatomical posture and look straight forward. Different visual conditions during proprioceptive testing have the potential to mask clinically meaningful differences in proprioceptive acuity